24 Photos You Need To Look At A Few Times To Understand

Optical illusions have been around since the earliest recorded histories. The term Pareidolia describes a psychological phenomenon where the person with Pareidolia typically sees a pattern, image, or sound where none exists. A famous example of this is the infamous “Face on Mars” an image of a geological formation that resembles an alien structure of some kind.

A lot of the times, you may see an image and think nothing of it. But a friend may take a glimpse at the same image and see something radically different. This may also happen where you interpret an image a certain way and apply emotion to it where none may be.

It’s a common phenomenon that typically affects most people who tend to anthropomorphize most things in their lives. The following 25 images will play with your mind, and require you to look at them a few times before you understand the concept behind them!

1) Silly Sad Cucumber Slices: Oh no! Would you just look at these sad little cucumber slices? They’re so sad! Look at those whimpering eyes, those shocked little mouths. You can almost hear them crying! Wahh! We’re cute little cucumber slices! Don’t eat us! Wahhh! Can YOU see the sad cucumbers? Weeee! So funny! This first image is a prime example of seeing faces where none actually are.

2) Two Buildings In A Lover’s Embrace: Awe! Would you look at that? These two modern apartment buildings have apparently fallen in love with one another. Just look at how one stretches out its support struts to give the other building a long lover’s embrace. This isn’t actually the case, obviously. This architect cleverly designed the building, but we hardly think his intentions were to have the buildings hugging.

3) New Star Or Electric Charging LED?: The universe has many vast wonders and amazing formations that spark our imaginations. This person uploaded a photo of an LED light on his electric charger, next to an old office chair. However, the darkness of the room gives this an amazing illusion that the light is a brand new star, and the office chair is actually a large ominous looming planetoid.


4) Cookie Monster: “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?” This PBS Children’s Television Show is so ingrained in our culture, that whenever something blue appears next to anything that remotely resembles eyes, your first thought is always “That look’s like Cookie Monster!” Cookie Monster is the greatest muppet ever.

5) Woody Doggy Stuck in Wood: Look! It’s a wooden pupperoo! Can you see him? He’s the GOOD BOY stuck inside this piece of wood! Quick! Help him get out of there! How did that silly rascal get stuck in the wood? Oh, what’s that? The dog isn’t real? Is he just a figment of our imaginations? Ah, Okay.  

6) A “Shocking” VR Experience: Everyone knows that sometimes electrical outlets can resemble human faces. I mean, come on, this is common knowledge people! This photo resembles multiple “friends” watching someone who’s plugged into a VR (That’s virtual reality) experience. It might take you a minute to see, but when you do, you’ll probably nod to yourself and let out a small “hmm.”

7) That’s Not A Water Tap: Upon first inspection, you might see a water tap. Not us though. We see a water tap having an EXISTENTIAL CRISIS! Clearly, this tap has seen some serious stuff. This is a water tap having some sad PTSD. Seriously though, this tap looks very concerned.

8) Silly Parrot Plants!: These silly milkweed seeds look like fun parrots! Don’t start eating the parrots though. Milkweed seeds are poisonous to humans and can cause extreme discomfort (in very rare cases death) if eaten. However, the way this person has arranged these seeds on a glass is certainly fun to look at!

9) Water Tap Resembles Character: This silly, fun water tap can be found in most 1970s hotels, office buildings, and old restaurants. It’s also the kind of water tap you can find in Aunt Janice’s weird unfinished basement. One person noticed how much this tap resembles the silly squirrel from the Ice Age movies. Fun.

10) Babies In Her Knees: This person captured a photo of a woman commuting on the subway in a public transit system somewhere. What’s odd about this photo is this woman’s strange knees. Both kneecaps look like baby faces. What secrets could these knees hold? Was she a triplet in the womb, and these are her siblings, fused into her body? The world may never know…

11) Meat Shoes: The latest marathon trainers to hit shelves are these amazing cow flesh meat shoes. They feel like you’re walking on air, but instead of air, it’s meat. Delicious cow meat. Seriously, these steaks look amazing and we bet they taste better after being slow cooked on the BBQ. They also look like silly shoes in case you didn’t understand.

12) Woody Harrelson: This Dudebro’s side-flaps decided to impersonate famed actor Woody Harrelson. Who knew that if you bent over in an awkward position, celebrities would make an appearance in your backyard kegger? Woody Harrelson is a Hollywood icon, and it’s marvelous that he took the time out of his busy schedule to meet this fine young man.

13) Giant Evil Bushes: These traffic lights are positioned in such a way that they appear to look like two giant, evil-looking eyes. This satanic brush is located at an intersection of L’Ville-Suwanee Road, wherever the heck that is. It seriously looks as though this giant bush is about to eat your car! Spooooooooky!

14) Sorting Traffic Cone: Ah yes, many people have heard of the famed Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter series, but have you heard of his distant cousin, the Sorting Traffic Cone? He sorts your vehicles into various houses, including TrafficJamerin, Roundabout, Cul-De-Sacallepuff, and MergeLeftleclaw.

15) Cat With A Sword: As if we didn’t need another reason to enjoy cats, this little KITTY CAT decided to be born with a really sick-looking sword on it’s back! This little sword kitty is fan-paw-tastic. Maybe he was royalty in a past life. Let’s face it, all cats are considered royalty in one way or another!

16) Tree With A Booty: This poor sycamore got tired of treeing all day, so he decided to sit down on the sidewalk. WHAT’S THAT? Daaaaaang this tree packin! Look at this fine piece of oak. This tree has some significant junk in his tree-trunk. Just kidding, trees aren’t people. Trees are trees.

17) Turtle Power!: Is that you Raphael? Aka the coolest of the Ninja Turtles. That’s right. Raph is the coolest. You don’t agree? Well then, let’s fight! Just kidding. Anyway, this swing-set looks an awful lot like one of the Ninja Turtles, doesn’t it? Turtle Power! We wonder if the other swings in this set look like the other turtles.

18) Stormtrooper dishes: The empire’s spread across the galaxy is literally everywhere, including in your dishes. The way these bowls were stacked gave off the impression that this person had a stormtrooper helmet floating in their sink. Gives you a whole new appreciation for the rebellion, they can’t escape seeing the Empire anywhere!


19) Sick-Looking Olive: This olive CLEARLY had too much of a good time last night. Just look at him. He’s literally drowning in vodka! Silly olive! Seriously though, what’s going on with this olive? Is it moldy? What kind of olive has red spots on it? Is this actually a thing?

20) Make It Sew: This weave of fabric stuck under the pillow looks like none other than Hollywood star, Patrick Stewart. Perhaps the designer decided to “make it sew” with their design. Just goes to show that an icon like Captain Picard will go with you everywhere in life… to boldly go, where no fabric has gone before.

21) A Bird’s Self-Portrait: As disgusting and putrid as this photo is, it’s remarkable how much this bird’s droppings resemble another bird. Perhaps this bird is an aspiring artist in the ornithological community, using his own scat as his medium? The world may never know.

22) Long Legs: My goodness! Look how long this lady’s legs are! Wait a second… that can’t be real! This optical illusion will have you wondering if this woman is indeed 12’ 5” in height. Fee Fi Fo Fum! I smell a nice poolside vacation! Thankfully, no human being could ever be that tall, otherwise, we’d be surrounded by giants!

23) Corn Holder Or Torture Device?: This lovely corn on the cob skewer has the appearance of an old-fashioned metal lawn chair popular in the 1970s. On first glance, it looks like a torture device. The chair’s purpose, once for relaxation, has become something of a monstrosity. Just kidding, it’s for your corn at a fun backyard BBQ!

24) Spooky Robot Shadow: You’re walking down the street. It’s the middle of the night. The only light that you see comes from some business windows or the street lamps. That’s when you see it… that face… that horrible robotic face! Wait… no, it’s just a silly shadow. Or is it…?

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