These $168 Extreme Cut-Out Jeans Makes You Feel Like You’d Never Understand Fashion

The forward-thinking fashion company CARMA is described by their website as “a premium denim brand catered to the free-spirited generation of today.” However, one look at one of their newest denim releases might leave you scratching your head.

Dubbed the “EXTREME CUT OUT JEAN”, with a whopping $168.00 USD price tag, it features a pair of jeans with almost every essential piece of the cloth cut out of it. The bare-bones denim look certainly is a different style that people might not be accustomed to.

Located in Los Angeles, CARMAR’s brand is explained by its “core collection comprised of denim and jeggings [that has] evolved through its groundbreaking discovery of rayon and Tencel denim.” The company goes on to state that their jeans “entice the carefree attitude of the CARMA girl who always looks for style and comfort. The CARMA brand takes denim to the next level.” Let’s take a look now at why these jeans are so, well…different.

At first glance, you might think that this poor woman had a tragic wardrobe accident but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. These are the “Extreme Cut Out Jeans” from CARMA, which makes a bold statement on what defines “traditional jeans.”

Described on their website, these CARMA jeans are: “Extreme Cut Out Pant is a high rise pant with large statement cutouts on front and back.” “Large statement cutouts” seems like an understatement!

Here a model poses with the extreme cut-out pants outside of a theme park. You have to admit these jeans seem like they would be fairly breezy on a hot summer day!

Outdoors by a beach or at a park, they seem a little more at home. These jeans certainly would not fare well in cooler temperatures, as you’d be wearing next-to-nothing! At the end of the day, it’s a bold statement for your own personal style.

The jeans certainly do have a unique look, there’s no denying that. The jeans would also very likely send any baby boomer into a fit of rage at first glance!

Cutting and augmenting your jeans has been around since youth started being rebellious with their denim. So it makes sense that a company like CARMA would make a bold choice like this. It speaks to the inner rebel in each of us. According to Wikipedia, Distressed denim emerged from the cultural punk movement in the 1970s. Early punks tore apart consumer goods as an expression of their anger towards society.”

I guess when it comes down to it, these jeans are kind of fun. They really do show off a rebellious nature with your style. They might look ridiculous to some, but they scream “hear me roar” to whoever wants to wear them!

However, the more these Extreme Cut Out Jeans become viral on the internet, the more imitations are going to start popping up. I’m not sure if this screams rebellious, or hilarious. Either way, they’re certainly a style of jeans worth talking about!

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