Pizza Delivery Drivers Share Stories About Their Worst Customer Interactions

Pizza Delivery Drivers Share Stories

There are few part-time jobs where the customer so gleefully awaits your presence as they do for pizza delivery drivers. However, not every knock on the door is treated reverently. Despite being the ultimate solution for both laziness and hunger, some pizza delivery drivers have found themselves in situations from hell while just trying to transport a little slice of heaven.

One Redditor asked the community’s pizza delivery drivers about their worst experiences on the job. From houses that have landed themselves on the elusive “No Delivery” list to customers that make no possible tip worth the trouble.

Here are 24 shared stories of people who don’t deserve the convenience of pizza delivery.

1. Thankfully Late: “I live in a small town and was doing a delivery to a relatively safe neighbourhood. As I was arriving, I noticed a guy hunched over on the sidewalk a few houses down from the address I was given. It was mid-afternoon but I figured he was just already hammered. I got to the customer’s house when I noticed a trail of blood on the patio. Moments later, cops came rushing towards the man on the sidewalk and yelled for me to leave. Turns out, the man had just been stabbed to death and the customer I was delivering to was the stabber.” (Reddit user: DrummingMan)

2. Change: “I was delivering an order for a pizza and the total was just under ten dollars so I knew that I wouldn’t be getting much of a tip, but I didn’t expect this dude to be so annoyingly cheap. He handed me a $10 bill for an order that was $9.96. I told him I’d have to run to my car to get some pennies and he responded by saying, ‘I’ll wait.’” (Reddit user: ryanpt670)

3. Complainer: “We had one guy who we just stopped delivering to because he would straight up refuse to pay. It never mattered how fast we got the pizza to him, it was either too cold or too hot or not presentable enough. He maybe got a free pizza or two in the beginning but now we’ve blocked his number.” (Reddit user: myheadfire)

 ComplainerBillion Photos /

4. Unfavorable Tip: “I was delivering a pizza and when I got to the front door was greeted with quite an unwelcome surprise. The door didn’t open, but something came out. Through the mail slot, a fully erect [expletive] came poking through with a sticky note that said: ‘Money is under the doormat, here’s your tip.’” (Reddit user: simonfenix)

 Unfavorable TipTatiana255 /

5. Oops: “We had this one elderly woman, who without fail, would always be in just a towel when her pizza was delivered. Her move was when she was going to grab the pizza, she’d ‘accidentally’ drop her towel. She did this multiple times to the point my boss gave her a warning. She still went for it and she’s been banned.” (Reddit user: Muppetude)

OopsT-Design /

6. Dog Day Afternoon: “I was delivering a pizza to a house only to be greeted by a snarling rottweiler behind the flimsy screen door. I approached nervously. The hick woman who ordered the pizza saw the concern on my face and said, ‘Don’t worry, this is the nice one.’ Sure enough, another rottweiler comes around the back of the house and bites my leg. My boss came to talk to the woman and he was also bitten. Safe to say, no one ever delivered pizza there again.” (Reddit user: snoots)

Dog Day Afternoonsirtravelalot /

7. Bermuda Triangle: “When I was working at a pizza shop, there was an entire neighbourhood that we would refuse to deliver to. We called this area of town the ‘Bermuda triangle’ because every single delivery guy we sent there ended up getting robbed. Some people just don’t deserve pizza.” (Reddit user: Slazman999)

Bermuda TriangleNadya Chetah /

8. Home Security: “This one house we’d deliver to would always request the pizza to be delivered to the back door under the porch. Something fishy was going on inside because there were security cameras all over the house. Apparently, one person living there wasn’t aware of this arrangement, though I was trying to sneak in, and sent two angry dogs on me.” (Reddit user: morning_brews)

Home SecurityRob kemp /

9. Sleeping Beauty: “I don’t know what this guy’s problem was, but he would order pizza quite regularly and somehow always fall asleep by the time it would get delivered. This was in a small town so deliveries were rarely any longer than 25 minutes. However, without fail, we’d show up and knock for a long time until eventually, he’d open the door sleepy-eyed. We had to stop taking his orders because of how much time he’d make us waste.” (Reddit user: Deakin)

Sleeping Beautyfile404 /

10. Scam: “This one is more so terrible for the owner of the pizza shop I worked at, but he was a giant tool to give some perspective. There was one house that would always pay in checks that would bounce. They ordered once a week and it took the owner over a year to realize. We all knew the whole time but never said anything because they would leave big tips and our tips were given to us at the end of cash out before the check would bounce.” (Reddit user: DaimyoNoneko)

ScamBjoern Wylezich /

11. Pizza Swap: “We had to ban this one house because they’d always send back their pizza. They would call and complain each time a few minutes after the pizza would be delivered. We would tell them not to eat anymore and that we’d deliver a new one and pick up the old one. However, the pizza was always some store-bought pizza that wasn’t even cooked.” (Reddit user: tarzan322)

12. Little Monsters: “We had to ban one house because of their middle school daughters. They’d often have sleepovers and order pizza just to play a prank. The final straw was when they paid $40 entirely and deliberately in quarters. Their parents were completely aloof and probably had no idea why we started refusing to deliver to their house.” (getsomecoldcuts)

13. Self Ban: “There was one house that actually banned themselves from our pizza store. This 12-year-old kid would constantly order cinnasticks to the house without his parents’ consent. Every time, the mom would open the door with confusion and then anger. She told us to not accept orders anymore.” (Reddit user: hockey rock)

14. Porch Potty: “We stopped delivering to one house just because the guy was super weird and made people feel uncomfortable. He had a toilet that wasn’t connected to anything on his porch and every time someone would deliver a pizza, he would just be sitting on it with his pants down.” (Reddit user: Ermanz)

15. Love At First Slice: “I don’t have any terrible pizza delivery stories surprisingly, but I did have one woman who was pretty strange. I delivered a pizza and as I was leaving she whispered, ‘I love you.’ Didn’t think much of it at first but she did it more than once. Not loud enough that it was completely audible but still distinguishable.” (Renesauz)

16. Cat Lady: “I worked at a tiny pizza shop and made the decision to ban a customer just because I was the only delivery driver. She was a nice old woman but hoarded way too many cats and had no control over them. I’m unfortunately allergic to cats and the two times I delivered a pizza to her, the cats came bursting out of the door and were all over me.” (Reddit user: [deleted])

17. Ménage à trois: “I was a teenager and delivered a pizza to this one house where a woman opened the door wearing lingerie. It was quite a shock to see something like this happen in real life. She asked if I liked what I saw and I nodded because I was young and she was relatively attractive. It was in that moment that she opened the door wider to reveal her husband in some sort of leather get-up who then said, ‘Yeah, he’ll do.’” (Reddit user: CuzImAtWork)

Ménage à troisDean Drobot /

18. Wrong Person: “I was delivering pizzas in Indiana and had one particularly frightening experience. Knocked on the door and the guy answers angrily holding a 9mm in my face. He saw the pizza and then completely changed his demeanour. He just casually smiled and said, ‘Oh, I thought you were someone else.’” (Reddit user: Beebink)

19. Pickle Jar: “I was delivering pizza to a fairly shady area of town. The last thing I remember was going up and knocking on the door. Apparently, some guy snuck up behind me and knocked me out with a pickle jar before taking all my belongings. A pickle jar.” (Reddit user: SoundsRough)

 Pickle JarFabrikaSimf /

20. Cult: “Went to deliver to one house and a man dressed in a long black cloak that partially covered his face answered the door. I could see multiple other people in the house also wearing black cloaks. There were candles and everything. I didn’t know if it was some sort of prank or the real deal but I did not ever deliver there again. They did tip well though.” (Reddit user: Casper00)

 CultKozlik /

21. Multiple Orders: “This isn’t necessarily a bad story but it was strange. This one woman ordered two large pizzas to her house on six different occasions during the time span of my shift. She paid and tipped each time but I could not understand why she wouldn’t just order more at once. It didn’t even look like there were more people in the house.” (Reddit user: Samantha tea)

Multiple OrdersAfrica Studio /

22. Misjudged: “I was delivering a pizza on New Year’s Eve and was going to one apartment complex pretty close to the countdown. I knocked on the door a couple of times but got no answer. I looked at the name of who ordered the pizza and the last name was Weiner so I figured it was a prank. I decided to sit down and eat the pizza all alone. At that moment, the door swung open and the guy whose last name is actually Weiner was wondering why I was eating his food.” (Reddit user: Camaflounder)

23. Unexpected: “I’ll keep this short. I was delivering a pizza and when the door opened I saw a man dressed as a little bow peep. He had a dog leash around his neck and on the other end was a large man dressed as a black sheep with blood on his face. They acted like it was super normal and so did I.” (Reddit user: NumerousUsernames)

24. Challenge Accepted: “The place I worked at had over 30 minutes and it’s the free rule. One house would always take advantage of this and order a bunch of pizza whenever one of the main roads was closed for construction. It was incredibly difficult to make it but I took it as a challenge and would always try. It was the best seeing them disappointedly opening up their wallets.” (Reddit user: sandmangotaway)

Challenge Acceptedlassedesignen /

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