16 Pictures That Will Make People With Siblings Laugh Harder Than They Should

Whether you have an older brother, baby sister, adopted sister or twin, you know that having siblings can be tough. You don’t get to choose who your family is, even though you sometimes wish you could. Growing up around each other 24/7 and fighting over little things can cause plenty of frustration. They lose your stuff, tell your parents about stupid ideas you had and always try to argue about anything. They occasionally even blame the bad stuff they do on you. However, as you get older, you start to reminisce about all the experiences you’ve shared together and how they’ve shaped you. Sometimes those memories can even make you feel a little bad, like when you “borrowed” your sister’s skirt that one time, or accidentally broke your brother’s video game, but you’d probably do it again.

Siblings are your best friends and worst enemies. They always know how to push your buttons and do it at the worst times. Admit it, you’ve planned a revenge plot at some point. Being the youngest can be hard because it always meant that you’d constantly get hand-me-downs as a child and never got to participate in the cool older kid activities. When you’re a middle child you usually tend to get stuck right in the centre of disagreements and have to be the mediator. You’d have to solve their problems and act calm and collected when times were hard. As the oldest kid, your role was to watch over everyone, you were given all of the responsibility and your parents always test things out on you first. Growing up with them around was like riding a roller coaster, scary and sometimes traumatic, but really, really fun. Who else would you bond with over the silly things your parents do?

Even though you’ve pretty much wanted to kill them your whole life, at the end of the day you can still count on them to have your back through thick and thin. You can always call them when you need help and they will be there for you no matter what. It’s important to appreciate them just as much as they bug you because that’s true sibling love. For a heartwarming stroll down memory lane, check out the list below.

1. You’re just sitting there trying to mind your own business and you get thrown under the bus unexpectedly: That look you give your sibling when you get in trouble for something they did. You just wanted to eat your snacks in peace!

2. The horror of realizing your parents don’t even know which one is which: When your parents call you by your sibling’s name like they weren’t the ones who raised you. Or, even more insulting, when they call you by a mixture of your name and your sibling’s name.

3. You try to slickly grab something from their room before they catch you red-handed: When you’re going through your sibling’s stuff and hear them coming up the stairs. There’s no feeling more terrifying than that creep-up!

4. You go from wanting to fight them to bargaining and begging them not to tell on you: When you hit your sibling too hard and they start crying. This is when you knew you had to prepare for a good yelling from your parents! Lesson learned.

5. You don’t know what you’d do if they weren’t there to help you out during really tough moments: That’s what siblings are really for! Especially the young ones. They look up to you, so why not take advantage of that? It’s only human.

6. You’re not willing to give up because you’re stubborn and don’t want to admit defeat even though you know they won: When two of you call shotgun, you’re willing to sit uncomfortably just to prove a point. It hurts, but victory feels even better.

7. You ask them for a favor but they end up turning their back on you and your parents get mad: When you tell your sibling to go ask mom and dad for something but they mention your name when asking. Way to go, you little snitch!

8. You have to prove to them that you’re right because they always think you’re messing with them: When you’re babysitting your younger siblings and they don’t believe you’re in charge so you call your mom to talk to them.

9. You write your name on all of your stuff because you just know they’re going to be after it when you’re not around: You have to label everything, even computer files because you know stuff gets lost when you’re not around, really important stuff too!

10. You don’t understand why people think you guys are so similar: Everyone says you both look alike but you don’t see it and you’re both just sitting there like “No thanks. I don’t want to look like that freak. You’ve deeply offended me.”

11. You don’t even know how someone could break your heart so easily: When you’re saving food for later and you come home and your sibling is eating it. You can relate to Bruce Banner’s blinding rage and how it must feel like to become the Hulk.

12. You go into immediate combat mode: When you say you’re gonna go take a shower and your sibling says “no I’m gonna shower first!” It becomes a race to the top, and sometimes, a battle to the death.

13. You have all told and heard the biggest lie every said: “I barely touched you!” you say as your sibling lies unconscious on the ground. The truth is you went a little overboard.

14. You can’t help rubbing your successes in their faces: When you get in a fight with your siblings and your parents take your side, there’s really no greater feeling. Nothing in your adult life will top this.

15. You stoop to all-time lows just because you don’t want them to beat you: When you get made fun of and you don’t have any comebacks so all you can do is mock their laugh.

16. You really can’t live without them but kind of wish you could: Your relationship is either “I’ll help you hide the body” or “Don’t even breathe in my direction” there’s no in between.

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