Lesbian Couple Become The First Same-Sex Prom King & Queen At High School

In modern-day society, we continue to see barriers and walls being broken down, paving the way for brighter days ahead. Many moves have been made to push forth the acceptance of same-sex marriage, which has been a widely argued topic for too long now. Unfortunately, we have seen much cruelty pertaining to the rights and treatment of same-sex marriage and relations, but on the contrary, we have seen some inspiring stories that give the world hope and faith when it comes to the sensitive subject of love. A lesbian couple becomes the first same-sex prom king and queen, opening the door to many who may have wished to achieve the same.

A couple from Florida has captivated the world’s attention, becoming the first same-sex couple to be named prom king and queen in high school. Spending three loving years together, they naturally decided to go to prom together and received the student body recognition they so truly deserved.

Brie Grimes and Lindsey Creel beat the odds, being crowned what many couples have hoped to be in the conclusion of their high school years. While other schools have banned the idea of same-sex couples attending prom together, they made history by achieving this.

Such a decision took great courage and bravery, and they received due credit for doing so. The couple is grateful for the acceptance of the LGBTQ community at Leon High School, and it’s something that should be echoed throughout schools globally.

Despite how hard it was for Brie to approach Lindsey, and worrying about how friends and family would react, she was valiant in this cause. “Lindsey and I talked about it and from that conversation I knew I was at home when I was with her and that I couldn’t let her go,” she said, adding “I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Lindsey said that for her it was love at first sight.”

As things like this usually do in the age of social media, it sparked a flurry of reactions on Twitter. Things like “Good things still exist!” and “The first same-sex prom queen and king couple literally make my life. This is the cutest thing in history” are among the positive reactions that came their way, instilling hope in so many that came across this story.

This is a true example and reminder of how bravery and acceptance really do go a long way, and it can inspire future couples to act on their true feelings, the same way that Brie and Lindsey did. The future seems to be bright in the school halls, with the inspiration that’s stemmed from two courageous heroes.

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