12 Pictures That Require An Explanation


The world is a wonderful place full of mysteries and wonders. The best thing is that every day small insignificant things that are actually pretty cool happen all around us. Thanks to accessible smartphones are, we’re able to capture a lot more of these mini-wonders of life. Users online have shared all sorts of naturally-occurring things that fall in the categories of:

  • Weird
  • Funny
  • Neat

Sometimes, you see something that looks interesting and natural but it leaves you asking more questions than you expected. There are entire communities online dedicated to sharing and talking about these little moments. Most of them are surprisingly random and they occur unintentionally, which makes them all the more interesting.

Here are some images that seem pretty straightforward and harmless but that will also make you wish there was a more in-depth explanation behind it. 

1. The gecko is not walking on water, and he’s also not being supported by a miniature glass structure hiding underneath the water. What’s keeping this little gecko on top of the water without sinking is a phenomenon known as surface tension.


2. This person can see through his fingers when he holds his hand up to the light, which begs the question, where are his bones? One Reddit user said that they can’t be seen because light tends to scatter a lot through flesh so that only the stuff near the surface, in this case skin, can be seen.


3. One of the perks of living in a place where the air hurts your face and water turns to ice six months of the year is seeing neat things like this. The freezing rain made a perfect mold out of the Nissan emblem.


4. This person was making chocolate fudge cookies on a brown cutting board. In turn, the reflection on the mixing bowl looks like a giant chocolate cookie, confirming that miracles and signs from God still happen in the kitchen.


5. This meat was sliced so thinly that when stacked, it gives the illusion of being out of focus. The way you can tell that this picture is unedited is by looking at the wood under the platter of meat, which is sharp and defined like in a normal picture. If you stare at this picture for too long, it can really hurt your eyes and give you motion sickness, which technically still counts as food poisoning.


6. The contrails left behind by this airplane look like chromosomes in the sky. An engineer explained that this pattern is standard for all fixed wing aircraft. “The trailing vortices from each wing tip decays and interacts with the vortex from the opposite wing,” explains Reddit user bignickit. “This creates closed loops as you see here.”


7. The frost on this man’s car either looks like yeti fur or like a bird’s eye view of a frozen forest. This type of frost is known as hoarfrost, and it creates at night when hot air escapes from a surface significantly faster than it can be replaced.


8. Not for clumsy people who might accidentally stab themselves: this spoon that also comes with a built-in toothpick. Would this be called a spick, a spoothpick or a toothpork? Your guess is as good as mine.


9. The seeds on this strawberry got a little too impatient and started sprouting while they were still attached to the berry. The term for this phenomenon is called Vivipary, which is Latin for Live Birth, and it’s used to describe when plants begin growing while still attached to their mother plant. It’s common with tomatoes, peppers, apples, pears and citrus fruits. This is mildly disturbing to look at. Doesn’t it make you feel like you should shave for some reason?


10. People took out all the cubicles in this office and the carpet really shows where everyone sat. The lighter part in this picture is where all the chairs were presumably being rolled all day, or the only spots in the entire office that the custodial staff bothered to clean up.


11. Here’s a motherly hen protecting two small kittens during a storm. If your first instinct while looking at this pictures wasn’t to tear up uncontrollably and think about how this picture looks like the premise to a Disney animation, then I don’t know what to tell you.


12. The lady in the background of this picture is not Chewbacca, or a woman wearing a Chewbacca mask. It’s just a woman whose hairdo looks like Chewbacca from the back.


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