Parents Who Raise Good Kids Do These 5 Things, According To Harvard Psychologists

Raise Good Kids Do These 5 Things, According To Harvard PsychologistsAmazon

With the world constantly changing, that means new habits and new behaviours that can be very different than the ones we grew up with as kids.

The new generation has new technologies that allow them to do things the older generation was not blessed to have. However, these technologies have distracted most children from the need to go out and socialize.

Parents can find it challenging to raise their kids if they’re basing their teachings on how they were raised as kids. Because of this struggle, Psychologists at Harvard University have found that there are certain elements that a parent must do that are very important for a kid’s childhood. Read on to find out what they are.

Spending Quality Time With Your Kids: It’s not enough to just spend time with your children, you need to be with them completely. No Xbox and no IPhone can ever replace the bond a parent has with their child. By communicating with them, listening to them and doing things they enjoy doing, they will learn how to be a considerate and caring person.

Spending Quality Time With Your Kids

When you’re communicating with your child and listening to their dilemmas, it’s very important not to take sides in a situation. You want your child to learn from their experiences from their own perspective.

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Be A Strong Role Model: At a younger age, children see and listen to everything around them, so it’s imperative that your kids need to see a strong leader in their life. You need to practice all the characteristics that you are implementing in your children. That means fairness, politeness and honesty need to be shown not just taught.

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Your child will look up to you, but only if you earn their respect. By doing this you are showing your child that you are as human as you can possibly be, and that comes with flaws.

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Teach Your Kids to Care for Others: To help build your child’s future, you need to teach them how to care for others. It’s important that they see and hear that caring for others is a top priority. Teach them to do the right thing, even if it’s hard and may not seem like the right thing at the time.

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As often as you can, try to remind them that no matter how old they get, there will always be people around them that will need their help even if they don’t know it yet.

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Encourage Appreciation and Gratitude: Try not to spoil your child, because a child that acknowledges the roles of others in their life is very healthy.

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People who practice gratitude on a regular basis are more likely to be generous, helpful, compassionate, and forgiving.

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Paint the Bigger Picture: It’s a known fact that children empathize with their small circle of family and friends. But the real challenge is to get kids to think of the bigger circle.

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This includes new kids in the classroom, other people in the school, and a person who doesn’t speak the same language as them. They need to know that how they act can reflect on others around them, not just their friends and family.

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Those are the top elements that a parent needs to do when raising their children. Read on to find out what other elements also play a factor when raising children.

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Support the Shy Ones: It’s a very common trait that many children have, especially when they are very young. The key to supporting them is to try and get them out of their comfort zone without changing their nature.

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Live in the Moment: As parents, it’s natural to think and plan for the future, but kids don’t have that same mentality, they live in the “now.” In order to bond and understand them, you have to try and live in the moment with them, even if you don’t agree with the situation.

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Tell Them How They Feel: Older kids are regarded as the kings and queens of self-expression. Younger children though often lack the vocabulary. By calling out different emotions when see fit will help your child understand and learn about emotions.

Tell Them How They Feel

Slow Things Down: Working and taking care of your family can be a fast-paced job. Try and slow down your schedule and make time to spend with your children with no interruptions. Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store with them or something simple as a bedtime routine, you need that alone time with them.

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Keep Calm: It can be tough sometimes, but try not to yell at your children. No one said you can’t raise your voice, but you want to teach them that speaking to someone, even when your angry, should never result in yelling at them and disrespecting them.

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