Guy Tells Hilarious Story About The Only Man He’s Ever Hated

Sometimes it’s the little things that make you hate a person. Maybe it’s the way they walk, maybe it’s the way they chew their food, and maybe you just saw them carry pizza wrong and it drove you totally insane. This is one guy’s story about the most hated man in his life.

This man was not particularly evil, nor did he seem to even be a necessarily rude person. What he did though was enough to drive a man to hatred, and to almost bring an entire kitchen staff to tears: he ruined pizza, one of the most magical foods in the world. This man destroyed it regularly.

This is the story about the most hated man in one person’s life. With haunting regularity, this poor soul watched this man carry pizza wrong, and it ate away at his very existence. For posterity, he has told the entire sordid tale on Twitter, and we present it here so that we all may know the legend.

The story begins in earnest. Our narrator, ‘Joe,’ introduces us to the situation: a job in a pizza parlor, and a regular customer. Simple enough, right?

most hated mantwitter/@sad_tree

Then, Joe reveals the horrible truth about this man: He would carry pizza wrong! This was completely unacceptable to Joe, and it nearly drove him mad.

The reaction from other Twitter users was swift and suggestively violent, but nevertheless, Joe forged ahead in his story of the most hated man in his life.

Joe then introduces us to the supporting characters in his tale of the man who ruined a pizza. Their hatred of him was almost as strong as Joe’s.

An emphatic audience member to this story then suggests that there is, in fact, one singular instance where it is acceptable to carry pizza wrong.


As Joe continues his story, he shares some wisdom about what can happen to a pizza simply from being in a car. He also decides he must take action.

Joe’s captive audience chimes in with their own thoughts. One person believes you can never carry pizza wrong. Regardless, Joe shares his attempted but ultimately futile solutions.


Joe’s story begins to ruffle the audience’s feathers. It’s almost as if this has become the most hated man in their lives as well. Joe continues to attempt a solution.


As much as Joe tries to end his suffering, his attempts come to no avail. His most hated man even seems to be toying with him.


Joe begins to see the toll each ruined pizza takes on the poor cooks. Joe knows he must find out why this man must carry pizza wrong.

Joe reaches the climax of his story. It is the very last time that he will ever give pizza to this man. It’s now or never.

We really wish there was a happy ending to this story; that this man would learn not to carry pizza wrong. Alas, it was not to be.

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