International No Pants Day In Pictures

International No Pants Day usually starts on the first day of every May and it is an annual event that has thousands of participants from different countries joining in from all over the world. It is usually marked by participants wearing no pants while riding the subway. It originated back in 2002, with only seven participants, but today it has thousands of people joining in and it takes place in more than 60 cities all over the world!

In some countries, No Pants Day occurs in the winter which encourages passengers to board a subway (at any stop) with no pants on in the middle of winter. (Now that’s dedication!) Whether it is in Munich, Germany or Prague, Czech Republic or in London, England, this event has compiled thousands and thousands of participants on an annual basis.

The organizer of Improv Everywhere’s No Pants Subway Ride said that the idea originated after the terror attack on 9/11 and it was meant to spread joy but it was originally supposed to be a fun and exciting improv stunt just to make people laugh and happy.

But apparently, another origin story of this fashion-filled day revolves around seven young men who decided to board a subway, each at different stations, in New York without any pants on. They would then ignore one another and then, when confronted with a question or a confused look, they would simply respond by saying that they had forgotten to put their pants on. Whatever the origin story really is, the New York-based group, Improv Everywhere has said: ‘since this is the 17th year we’ve done this, there’s not too much to report other than it was another awesome time.’

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