Mother Arrested For Medical Child Abuse After Taking Her Son To Doctor 323 Times To Cure Cancer He Never Had

A mother has been arrested for medical child abuse after she took her son for a total of 323 hospital visits in order to cure a cancer he reportedly never had. According to, the Dallas woman was arrested on charges of injury to a child after Child Protective Services looked into why her 8-year-old son had 323 hospital visits. On top of that, he had 13 major surgeries done even though he had perfect health. Kaylene Bowen, now known as Kaylene Bowen-Wright, believed that her son Christopher had a rare genetic disorder.

She was confident that he not only needed a lung transplant but also in need of blood transfusions and a number of other dangerous medical tests, according to Star-Telegram. But Christopher’s father, Ryan Crawford, isn’t surprised that the mother was arrested for medical child abuse. He always suspected that something was off with the woman, trying to prove it to Dallas County Family. The father of the young boy spoke to Star-Telegram.

Ryan said, “She was always saying Christopher was sick. Every single week. Every single month. She would always say, ‘Something’s wrong. He has this. He has that.’” According to reports, between 2009 and 2016, Christopher would undergo several invasive procedures that required him being placed on full-time oxygen, using a feeding tube and catching multiple life-threatening blood infections. Bowen got away with these intense tests because she gave the hospital false information.

When Crawford went to the Dallas County Family Court and testified in front of judges, the court ended up siding with Bowen. Bowen told the courts that her son had a genetic disorder and then later said that he was dying from cancer. Ryan was even blocked from seeing his son in 2012. Luckily, the mother was ultimately arrested for medical child abuse.

Crawford told reports that he told the court, “It was always the same story: Christopher is dying. The father doesn’t need to be around because he doesn’t know to take care of him”. He also added, saying “Every time I went to court, they made me feel like I was the worst human ever”.

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But eventually, Dallas hospital realized that the boy did not have cancer or any symptoms that Bowen described and they contacted CPS. Christopher, along with his two half-siblings, was removed from Bowen’s care. The mother who was arrested for medical child abuse was believed to have a form of Munchausen syndrome by proxy. This is a disorder which causes a person to exaggerate or create medical symptoms in order to get attention.

But regardless of Bowen’s lies being exposed, Crawford still continues to fight for the custody of Christopher, who is currently living in foster care. He told the news outlet, “It’s horrible for my son, or any kid because obviously, my son is not the only one that has had to go through this type of torture. The system has to be exposed…”

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