12 Parents Who Were Just Pure Geniuses

When you become a parent, you learn that you have to start getting a little creative in how you deal with your kids. I mean, of course, you love them and want only the best for them, but sometimes you gotta entertain yourself while also figuring out how to get through the day with them.

Having kids, especially when they are a certain age, can get tiring. They are full of energy, they get bored pretty quickly and they require your attention. Don’t get me wrong, they are the best things to happen in any parent’s life, but still. Gotta be quick on your feet.

If you aren’t sure exactly what I’m talking about, here are examples of a few parents who were just plain geniuses. They thought of ways to deal with their kids that would probably never cross your mind. Check these out, you’ll surely be entertained.

1. Getting your kid to go to bed can be the biggest nightmare for many parents. Well, this dad thought of something brilliant to get his daughter to sleep: making her think it’s midnight by playing an old New Year’s tape. I think this plan not only made the kid happy, but the dad seemed like he was the happiest kid on earth. Good job.

2. It gets pretty tiring always having to entertain your kid, but you also don’t want to hear them cry or whine all the time. So this dad mastered playing with his kid while still being able to relax in his chair and catch some sun.

3. Not all parents are perfect, but they learn to manage. This mom clearly wasn’t a hair stylist, but she tried. Someone should let her know what half-up, half-down style is though. At least this girl has a smile on her face and gave her mom an “A” for effort.

4. Kids will be kids and that means trying with all their power to sneak downstairs and look at what Santa brought them for Christmas. Well, not these kids. They clearly have some smart parents, who used bubble wrap to catch their sneaky kids. Hilarious.

5. You have to juggle a lot when you are a parent, so it’s natural to forget some important dates on the calendar. For example, this dad totally forgot that his kids were supposed to dress in costume for school. Luckily, he put on his creative thinking cap and managed to put something together last minute.

6. This mom got disciplining down. In order to grant her kids the privilege of having internet, she decided to make them work for the internet. Parents, if you can’t get your kids to clean up, this tactic will surely work. Seems kinda fun too, don’t you think? Maybe not for them…

7. If your kid is into Legos, you know how painful it is to step on those little, tiny pieces. They are hard to find. Well, this dad was clearly into Lego when he was a kid and decided to turn stepping on the pieces into a positive.

8. If you have kids under the age of 4, you know drawing on the wall is one of their favorite activities. I mean, it’s honestly a parent’s worst nightmare. These parents, however, got it all figured out. They used paper to cover the walls, so that way both the kids and the adults are happy.

9. Bath time can be World War III in the household. Sometimes, the parents don’t succeed and don’t bother washing their kids that night. These parents, however, figured out the perfect way to convince their kids into taking that damn bath. If this didn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will.

10. Having a sense of humor when your kids do something they weren’t supposed to do helps the situation. This parent, in particular, decided to not get mad at his child, and rather play along with what they did. If my partner did this when I came home, I would have laughed.

11. Kids have the ability to lose everything. But it’s really frustrating when they lose the remote to the TV. It kills the mood for parents when they just want to relax once the kids are sleeping. Luckily, these parents thought of the perfect solution.

12. This kid hates brushing his teeth, in fact, he’s not even good at it. So in order to get him a little more motivated, the tooth fairy decided to write a personal letter to him. She, just like the parents, has clearly had enough of his horrible tooth brushing skills. Too funny.

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