Oprah and Reese Witherspoon Share Hilarious Exchange After Vanity Fair Photoshop Fail Left Them With Extra Limbs On Hollywood Issue

What’s a huge Hollywood Vanity Fair cover without a photoshop fail? Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon took to Twitter to laugh off the mishap and the internet is loving it.

The cover features 13 stars, men and women, old and young, that are powerhouses in TV and film. Oprah and Reese were among the likes of Jessica Chastain, Michael B. Jordan, Tom Hanks, and Gal Gadot for the magazine’s 24th annual ‘Hollywood’ issue. The Vanity Fair cover, shot by Annie Leibovitz, was not only powerful but absolutely stunning.

Vanity Fair revealed they made the decision to digitally remove James Franco from the cover after the sexual misconduct allegations against him. But upon closer inspection, readers noticed something strange about the cover and it wasn’t Franco’s absence…

This is the stunning spread for the 24th Vanity Fair Hollywood issue.

Vanity Fair coverAnnie Leibovitz | Vanity Fair

Oprah and Reese, who just finished wrapping up the highly anticipated film, A Wrinkle In Time, got cuddly for the cover. It’s easy to get distracted with a talented Reese Witherspoon in a Hollywood legend’s lap: this cover is basically what dreams are made of! It also doesn’t help that you have the likes of Nicole Kidman at Oprah’s feet.

Annie Leibovitz | Vanity Fair

However, once readers got past the powerful trio, they noticed something strange about Reese. The actress, who is sitting cross-legged against Oprah, appeared to be hiding a third leg that was still visible through the slit in her gown.

Annie Leibovitz | Vanity Fair

You would think one photoshop fail would be enough but alas, readers opened the magazine to find a second photoshop fail among its pages. The magazine was composed of behind-the-scenes photos to give readers an inside look at what it’s like to shoot all these iconic and talented actors… which is pretty great until you notice that Oprah has a third hand.

Annie Leibovitz | Vanity Fair

The best part about the photoshop fails was that it led to this hilarious Twitter exchange…


After Reese confirms she has three legs on Twitter, Oprah got in on the fun, tweeting Reese to say she accepts her third leg and hopes the actress will accept her third hand. 

Oprah and ReeseTwitter

It gets even better! Vanity Fair then responded to Reese’s third leg debacle, saying it was actually just the lining of her dress and not a photoshop fail. Seems like a buzzkill right? It was until they followed up with this…


There’s no denying Oprah had three hands in that picture, so Vanity Fair offers this hilarious explanation as to why the photoshop blunder happened, stating it would be corrected online. We think no correction is necessary.


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