People Are Getting Diamond Piercings On Their Fingers Instead Of Wearing Rings

Body modification, especially piercings have been a cornerstone of human fashion since the earliest days of man. However, there is a new trend going around that some people aren’t extremely comfortable with for personal and health reasons. The trend is ‘engagement finger piercings’ which are quickly gaining traction on social media.

Some people are opting out of a traditional wedding band in favor of dermal piercings which will allow the person to embed diamonds directly into their finger. Theoretically, these piercings allow you to swap out the diamond for any other decoration, as the anchor on your finger stays the same. With any piercing, there are a few risks involved in this type of procedure.

Bestie reached out to professional Whitny Lapointe, a professional body piercer who works at Toronto’s The Village Ink. She had this to say about the new piercings: “Everyone has a large tendon going down the center of each finger which makes it possible to move your fingers. There is not a lot of tissue to work with in this area. Which means the dermal may not sit very flush to the finger. Which then means it will protrude and get torn out. That can lead to hard scar tissue forming where it was. Then if the person actually gets a wedding ring, you have this nasty scar distracting from the elegant wedding ring. You are left with an open wound on the most used part of the body.” She added: “It would make doing everyday things impossible/uncomfortable or risky for infections. Such as putting your hand into your pocket, putting on knit sweaters or using knit blankets, doing dishes etc.”

When asked about requests for this trending piercing, Lapointe stated: “We don’t get that many requests for it at our shop for this piercing, in particular, I get more requests for “snake eye” piercings which I also do not perform for safety reasons.”

The Snake Eye piercing is a risky procedure which, according to AuthorityTattoo, involves the following: “A hollow needle will be pulled through the tongue. Then the jewelry will be pulled through there, with the studs being on both sides of the front of your tongue and the bar being hidden inside your tongue.” Like any procedure, customers must always sign waivers before they can be pierced.

Lapointe added that when it comes to businesses that offer piercings, ”Some piercers do Microdermals with a dermal punch and some use a needle technique. The process is the same…. sign a waiver, choose jewelry, clean and mark the area, perform piercing, discuss aftercare and that’s basically it. What they should look forward to when getting any kind of piercing is patience and someone who is calm and professional but also experienced and honest. We sometimes cannot perform certain piercings because the person does not have the ideal anatomy. Sometimes clients don’t take this news very well when we just have their best interest in mind.”

According to Dr. Rajesh, author of Dermal Piercing: Pictures, Procedure, Aftercare, and Risks, there are risks involved in dermal finger piercings. Dr. Rajesh says: “The dermal layer contains nerves and blood vessels, which may be damaged when the piercing is not installed properly. If the piercing is installed too deeply in the skin, it may pull the skin layers together, which causes embedding.” Infection brought on by airborne bacteria may also occur during the procedure.

All in all, some people aren’t too crazy about this idea. When commenting on an article shared regarding the finger engagement piercing trend, Twitter user Emily Marcus (@EmilyyMarcus) stated: “I’d rather be single my entire life.”

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