7 All-Natural Ways To Keep Mice From Getting Inside Your Home

natural ways to deter mice

A lot of people resort to mouse-traps to get rid of mice, but have you ever considered natural ways to deter mice? As soon the cooler weather starts to hit, chances are that every manner of living creature is trying to make their way into your warm house. Bugs, mice, and rodents of all kinds seek out warmth for survival.

Many animal lovers are no longer happy with traditional mouse traps, as they are considered inhumane by some. Unfortunately, if you have a common rodent problem, an exterminator and traditional traps are all you can use.

Now, residents everywhere are seeking natural ways to deter mice. 

The average house mouse can fit through a 6mm gap in the wall. They have ferocious appetites, consuming up to 3-4g a day. They often look for cereal grain droppings, food scraps, and crumbs. Your first and best way to prevent mice from staying in your home is by cleaning up after yourself as much as possible. This means getting rid of every possible source of food or crumb that’s easily accessible to rodents. The following 7 All-Natural ways to deter mice are great ways to keep critters outside of your home during the winter months.

1) Tabasco Sauce: Take any standard bottle of Tabasco sauce, mix it with hot water and some dish detergent then add it to a spray bottle. Walk around all the trouble areas around the foundation of your home, and spray the solution. You can also take the hot sauce and add a few drops to any large cracks that you think a critter might try to enter. This is a great natural way to deter mice using the odor and spice of the sauce.

2) Cayenne Pepper: If you see signs of mice inside your home, (droppings, scratching sound in the walls, holes in your cereal boxes) take some bulk cayenne pepper powder and sprinkle it over every surface you think they might tread. Continue to do this until the signs subside. You can also take whole peppers and leave them around their nests (if you can find them.)

3) Garlic: Not just a vampire deterrent, garlic cloves are actually a great way to deter mice from staying in your home. You can chop up the garlic and mix it with water to form a spray, or you can leave entire cloves of garlic in your trouble areas.

4) Dryer Sheets: Not everyone can stand behind this natural deterrent as there isn’t any scientific evidence to back it up, however, many people swear by this solution. The stronger the scent the better when it comes to dryer sheets.  Just take a single sheet and stuff it in any or all cracks that might be an opening for a mouse. The strong scent is said to be a natural deterrent.

5) Cloves: Anyone who has ever cooked with cloves knows that they are very, very smelly. Their natural scent is strong and will ward off rodents. Place some in some pantyhose or a coffee filter and leave sachets of them around your home in trouble areas. Your home will smell great, and hopefully, the mice will steer clear!

6) Peppermint: You can purchase peppermint oil online, place a few drops inside some cotton swabs, and place them anywhere mice might be attracted to. You need to replace them every few weeks, but make sure they are strong enough to keep the mice away. You can also mix with water to use as a spray. 

7) Ammonia: The substance is extremely pungent, and it should be warned that it’s not the most natural smelling or healthy to consume chemical for humans or pets. However, it’s a powerful deterrent against mice. Place some in bowls and stick them where you think mice might be getting into. However, this should be a last resort and kept away from animals and children.

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