25 Hilariously Genius Desktop Wallpapers That Will Make You Look Twice

Well, it’s that time again. YOU need to change your dirty, disgusting, old-time wallpaper. Maybe it stemmed from that time your crush saw it and went: “oof, you’re a Rick and Morty fan” or maybe you’re just sick of looking at the same darn picture every day, but either way it’s gotta go.

Fret not, dear Reader, for Bestie has graciously provided you with these amazing options! And if you don’t think they’re amazing, then let’s see YOU compile 25 pictures together. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

For those of you still here, this is 25 of the same jokes about Internet Explorer. I mean, 25 Hilariously Genius Desktop Wallpapers That Will Make You Look Twice.

1. Wait a minute Mr. Spaceman. This Reddit user gave us a wallpaper that is out of this world! It gives you a lot of SPACE for icons. This wallpaper is hotter than the sun! It… erm… will crash your computer like an asteroid?

2. I haven’t seen SCRUBS, so make you can imagine a hilarious Scrubs related joke here. Oh ho ho! Get used to THAT punchline folks, because this will be the first of many Internet Explorer bashes.

3. Jerry, you gotta see my new desktop! It’ll blow your mind, Jerry! Ah yes, a cluttered desktop means a cluttered mind (he says, his desktop covered in empty Doritos bags, Mountain Dew bottles filled with… not mountain dew and various papers, crumbs, and scraps).

4. And also with you. Alright, this one I have no qualms with because as a Star Wars fan I think this wallpaper is so darn cool. And they didn’t even include any characters from the cruddy sequels! I could go on a rant here, but I gotta stay on topic.

5. I want to play a game. See, the problem with the Star Wars sequels is… I’m just kidding. Let’s see… Oh yes, speaking of terrible sequels, we have a dastardly game of SAW being played with this person. Now I’ve gotta delete all those icons! Curse you!

6. I always feel like, somebody’s WATCHING meeee… This seems like a cool idea at first, but what happens when the moonlight glistens off those eyeballs and in the dark of the night you see two lifeless orbs staring at you. Watching. Waiting….


7. Woah, I’m a desktop! Ahhhh cats and their funny faces, is there anything more Internet-y than that? My question is what does “stuff” constitute and why does that cat look so horrified at what he sees?


8. The next entry will totally be in Nyan cat. It’s a very interesting idea for a wallpaper, but who has four monitors? Anyways, enjoy the rest of the entry and Google translate it! You may be surprised at what you find! Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan.


9. Cue Full House transition music. OH, YOU! While I appreciate what this user was trying to go for, I don’t know if that would work practically. Having to look up every time you need that screen? I could only see it working if he only used his computer for… Oh, NOW I see.

10. Dr. Moreau, eat your heart out! Believe it or not, Soviets used this technique to decide what kind of animal-human hybrid they were going to try out next. What, you don’t believe me? Just go to totallyrealhistory.biz. THEY’LL red pill you, sheep.

11. Well, that’s just IN-A-PRO-PRI-ATE! Just disgusting, the things that people COME UP with these days. Why, if we lived in a society of decent, level-headed people, we would just stop making Internet Explorer jokes all together! But alas, there’s still at least 50 of them left.


12. Reality continues to ruin my life. How nice, a wholesome, beautiful, Internet Explorer-less wallpaper. That title is a Bill Watterson quote, by the way, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes. Funny yet it kind of makes you think about your life, which is the perfect way to describe the comic. Alright, moving on, what’s next?


13. Can he swing, from a web? No, he can’t, he’s a pig! WOAH! Now that must’ve taken some TIME! I was thinking about the ol’ Simpsons movie the other day and I was wondering who wrote it. After some research, I found that the script was on its 165th draft when it went into theatres.

14. Old-timey wallpaper. WOAH! What a neat way to arrange your icons! Reminds me of the farm I grew up on, running through the orange grove with my dog spot, my mother calling me from the house: “ALLLLLVIIIIN! ALLLLVIN! YOUR CHORES NEED A DOIN’ AND THE COWS NEED A MILKIN! ALLLLVIIIN!”

15. Who or whom? Well, while it’s not as interesting as Sith and Jedi standing back to back, I like it all the same. Mostly because there’s such a Superb Owl there… OH MY GOD I just got why that subreddit is called that!

16. I’ve heard of WINDOWS, but this is RIDICULOUS. What an interesting idea! Somebody call Apple, see-through Macs should be all the rage! Then again, then the people at Starbucks would be able to read my- er, I mean YOUR screenplay! And I’ll be darned if they’re going to steal Sexy Nuns vs Sexier Robots: The Revengeance, I’ve been working on that for 5 years!


17. Kneel before Pog. You know, I was happy when I heard that Godzilla was going to be fighting more monsters in the new series, but now I think they’ve been spending to much time on the internet. Come on guys, you don’t want another Godzilla 2000, do YOU?


18. Meep meep! Meep meep meep! That’s right beaker, the Internet Explorer was a running gag throughout the 2000s! It was very slow and generally frustrated a lot of people, yet Microsoft kept trying to push it on people! Yes I know Beaker, it’s funnier every time!

19. BOOM SHAKA LAKA! YOU KILL ME IN A DREAM YOU BETTER WAKE UP AND APOLOGIZE, BABY! Ahem, whoof. Sorry, I get a little carried away when I see Team USA slamming down the rock.

20. There is no pain you are receiving… This wallpaper reminds me of the scene from Episode 8 where Rey is…. UGH I HAVE SO MUCH TO COMPLAIN ABOUT! Seriously though, I love these things, where it’s a never-ending line of stuff. Reminds me of the Borax box.

21. Oh god no! I’m 23, you don’t want me! Oh that dastardly old bear, always trying to give people pedicures! He’s the Pedi Bear, right? Oh, come on kids don’t laugh at me like THAT, I’m still cool and hip, I swear!

22. Darn, dude. By far, hands down, the best entry in this article, just above the Star Wars one. Once again though, it would be great until the dark of the night and suddenly you hear a loud CRASH at the door. Then, the slow, interminable moans of the darned as they slowly shuffle their way to your room…

23. Die motherlovers, die motherlovers, die. When I first saw Office Space, I had no idea why they would destroy a perfectly good printer. But after years of dealing with the evil, jamming, inkless screechers I could take a bat to one too.

24. Well hey there. This post makes me kinda sad because giraffes are apparently going extinct. No! Then the only goofy, long-necked animal we’ll have around is the CANADIAN GOOSE, and they suck! Seriously, go to giraffeconservation.org/donate and give them your money. It’s worth it so we can keep those gangly, awkward, neck swinging goofballs around.


25. Ahh, bliss. And folks, we end on a nice, organized shelf desktop. Everything has its place, everything is organized and everything is exactly as it should be. There’s only one thing left to do…. THATSCENEWHEREREYWASINTHECAVEWASTOTALLYSTUP- (beeeeeeeeep. For your sake, we’ve cut off Jake’s keyboard. You’re welcome).

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