Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Shaves His Beard And He Looks Really Different

There are two very distinctive features of the Duck Dynasty clan: their duck calls and their long beards. What would happen if you took one of these things away? Would Duck Dynasty remain the Duck Dynasty we all know?

These are the questions that Jase Robertson is forcing us to consider when, over Labor Day weekend, he exposed a clean-shaven face to the world. He has a good reason for causing this crisis that he’s caused Duck Dynasty fans.

On June 18th, the A&E star partnered up with Mia Moo Fund. The foundation was launched by his daughter Mia to raise awareness for cleft lips and palates. According to One Country, Jase made a pledge that he would shave his beard if they raised $100,000.

Well, lo and behold, the foundation successfully raised the funds which required the bearded star to be bearded no more. 

According to reports, Jase’s decision to shave came as a result of his experience raising Mia, who underwent 4 surgeries since her birth.

Fans were given front-row seats to Jase’s reaction to his clean-shaven face via a Facebook live video that he filmed of the process. 

He and his wife Missy have been vocal about his daughter’s struggle with cleft lip and palate and the effect it’s had on his family. 

Missy told Us Weekly, “We had two perfectly healthy boys before we had Mia, so it was difficult when she came along […] I thought, ‘Oh, I finally have my girl’ — but I wasn’t able to completely enjoy that process.”

Jase added, “Here I am, worried about what she’s going to look like, while the doctors aren’t even sure she can breathe on her own…”

He continues, “From that moment on, I stopped being so superficial. It’s been a life-changing experience for me and Missy because of how shallow we used to think.”

Although some fans are still mourning his beard, it appears that Missy is happy with how he turned out all the same!

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