25 Times Pets Realized Their Humans Were Not To Be Trusted

If you are a pet owner you know that there are times when your pets don’t trust you.

You may know this from the way they approach you or the facial expression they have when they look at you. If you thought this only happened to you, know that you are not alone.

Below is a list of 25 pets the moment they realized their humans were not to be trusted.

1. Disgust: When you see this look of disgust when your pets look at you, you know they don’t trust you. Maybe this dog felt like it couldn’t trust humans anymore because they put that random bandana around its neck. Whatever it was that these humans did, this dog knows that they can no longer be trusted.

2. Scared Of Vet: When you bring your pets to the vet they know that humans can no longer be trusted. This is the precise moment when this dog found out it could no longer trust its owner. When it was at the vet it ended up hiding underneath the seat in the waiting room of the vet. If this ever happens, know that your pet no longer trusts you.

Twitter /u/ @josegreenland

3. Angry Cat: If your cat ever looks like this one please know that it no longer trusts you. The way that the photo was taken makes it look like this cat tore the hole through the cardboard. The look on the cat’s face is of complete horror and anger. That’s how we know that this is the moment this pet knew it couldn’t trust humans anymore.

4. Captive Cat: For all of you cat owners out there you have to know that your pet doesn’t like being in the cat carriers. As soon as they get into that carrier they know they are going somewhere they don’t want to go. Somewhere like the vet. This is the moment this cat knew it could never trust humans again. Look at the anger in its eyes.

5. Kindle Cat: This poor cat is being used by its human owner as a Kindle holder. Do you see the look in this cat’s eyes? That is the look pets get when they know they can no longer trust humans. There are so many other things this owner could be doing with this cat. And making the cat be the human’s Kindle holder is not one of them.

6. Horrified Dog: If your dog sits in your car like this it’s safe to say it doesn’t trust you or any other humans. This dog didn’t know if it was going to the park or the vet so it became horrified and clung onto the seat for dear life. The terrified look in its eyes is saddening and we really hope that the dog was soon taken to the park.

7. Perfect Side-Eye: This dog packs an impressive side-eye stare. It’s one of those looks that will burn into your soul because you know it means your dog doesn’t trust humans. The owner of this dog claims that this was the look they got when their dog found out that it was going to the vet. We are starting to think that if any human brings their pets to the vet, they will immediately not be trusted.

8. Clever Puppies: The way that these two puppies are posing in this photo has got us thinking that they are up to something. Especially the one that looks as though it has a smirk on its face. When a dog begins looking like that at cameras you know that they no longer trust humans. And they are probably planning world domination.

9. Worried Cat: When this cat was told to get out of its carrier it looked up at the owner with skeptical eyes. When your cat looks at you like this then you know that your pet doesn’t trust humans. With the beautiful eyes that this cat has, we feel so bad for it having to go to the vet. We hope that the owner was forgiven soon after this photo was taken.

Imgur /u/ Soozyamy

10. Why Am I Here?: This cat, Luna, isn’t too sure about being at the vet and we don’t blame her. Doctors are scary and you never know what they are going to tell you is causing your pain. But it is this look that tells humans that Luna no longer trusts them. If you have a cat and they look at you like this then please do everything you can to earn back their trust.

11. Not The Vet: This dog definitely didn’t know that he was going to the vet. When humans don’t warn their pets that they are heading to the vet then trust issues ensue. This is like any relationship. If you don’t warn the ones you love of their biggest fear then they are going to be more skeptical of you from then on out.

12. Depressed: This dog was definitely let down one too many times before. This time must have taken the cake and this is the look that the owner will be forever left with. There is no way that this owner will ever be trusted again after this dog put on this sad face. Let this be a warning to other dog owners, give them everything they want and that is the only way they will ever trust you.


13. Makeup Cat: There is no way that any humans will ever be trusted by this cat again. For anyone out there that thinks it’s okay to put makeup on an animal please stop thinking that. It isn’t a logical thing to do and you will end up with one angry pet just like this cat. And whoever did this to their cat has probably never been forgiven.

14. Unicorn Cat: When this cat went outside on a leash they came back never trusting humans again. Since this cat was on a leash we are guessing that the owner was aware it was going to get chalked up. This poor cat ended up looking like a unicorn after walking around near chalk again. And judging by the look on the cat’s face, it never trusted humans again.

15. Humans and Pets: Everyone knows that pets don’t like having this around their necks. They aren’t able to reach anything that they want to or lick anything they want to. This is one dog that was definitely mad at its owner. That’s why the owner decided to wear something similar around his neck. It seems like the dog was able to trust its human companion again.

Twitter /u/ @GoogleBizTog

16. For Sale: When this owner put a “for sale” sign on their pet the dog stopped trusting them. Anyone could tell that this dog no longer trusts any humans due to the look on its face. It will take a lot of redemption from humans over a long time for this dog to ever trust them again.

17. Oh No: When this dog found out that it will be going to the vet instead of the park it looked terrified. It’s also safe to say that due to this betrayal the dog no longer trusts any humans. There is a quite the trend in trips to the vet and pets not trusting their humans after it. We hope that we can find a way to make this work out differently.

18. Halloween Time: When this dog was told it was going to be dressed up for Halloween we are guessing it didn’t think this would be its costume. This clown looks horrifying and the dog looks completely unimpressed that it will be attached to it for the rest of the night. It’s safe to say that if any human made us be this close to a creepy clown we would no longer trust them.

19. Skeptical Cat: We have never seen a more skeptical cat before in our lives. This is the face that humans usually make when they are questioning another human for what they have done or said. Turns out cats are able to do this also and if you see a cat do this, know that they are questioning you hard.

20. Cat Meow: Take it from a cat owner, if a cat looks at you and meows like this they aren’t trusting you at that moment. There is a mix of fear and anxiety behind those eyes and all they want is to get you to do something. But they are acting this way because they don’t know if you can be trusted to get it for them.

21. Happy To Sad: If a dog is happy one minute and then sad or angry the next, something has clearly gone wrong. And we just want to warn humans out there. If your dog looks at you like the last two photos of this collage then you are in a relationship where they don’t trust you 100 percent.

22. Is That Barking: This cat heard a dog’s bark and this was their reaction. If your pet isn’t running to you when they are scared then there might be a chance that the pet doesn’t trust you. For instance, this pet never ran to their human but instead got on its hind legs and prepared to duel.

23. Playing Catch: This human played quite the trick on their pet and their pet never trusted them again. Look at the timeline of photos here. The dog is happy then it becomes more and more betrayed by its human because she never actually threw the ball. To all those who have dogs, or are thinking of getting one, make sure you actually throw the ball. You don’t want to be stared at like this human was.

24. Elf Dog: Humans love to dress up their dog during the holidays. Judging by the look on this dog’s face, he plays along, but we don’t quite buy that he enjoyed this happening to him. He is winking but he also has that look of, “I have to do this to get it over with,” on his face.

25. Cat Food: This cat doesn’t look impressed at all at the beautiful meal it has been given. It may be because the portion is too small or it may be because the cat doesn’t like the fish that has been served to it. Either way, it is safe to say that this pet doesn’t trust its humans with the food they serve it.

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