24 Funny And Strange Photos Captured By Walmart Security Cameras

24 Funny And Strange Photos Captured By Walmart Security Cameras

Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue, which makes it no surprise that it attracts one multifarious crowd.

Sometimes the people who occupy Walmart can make the shopping experience all the more entertaining.

Here are 24 funny and strange people who have been caught on camera in Walmarts around the world.

1. Walmart carries everything you could need from food to the latest tech gadgets, and the discounts make it a go-to stop for most families. However, the fact that these stores seem to carry everything seems to make the customers think they can wear anything. For some reason, the customers of Walmart have been so outlandishly zany that they’ve solidified their place as comedic Internet gold. From the wildly questionable outfit choices to people with just no shame while in public, Walmart sees some pretty out their things yet we all still keep going back. This woman decided to don a full-on wedding dress while walking down the packaged deli aisle. Maybe the wedding is over and she’s doing some last-minute prep before the honeymoon? Whatever her reasoning is, the beauty of Walmart is that no one will question it and everyone can let their inner freak flag fly high.

2. It doesn’t have to be Hallowe’en for things to get freaky in Walmart. Holding what appears to be a Christmas ornament, this person looks like they’ve channelled their inner Cindy Lou Who, that is if Cindy Lou Who grew up to be a Satanist. Maybe this customer is just confused by Christmas stuff being rolled out at the same time as Hallowe’en stuff.

3. You have to wonder about the mental health of employees who have to deal with people like this on a regular basis. These poor fish just can’t catch a break in between kids tapping aggressively on their temporary home to men trying to re-catch them and in an unfairly small venue.

4. For some people, life is a parade. This guy decided to adorn his wheelchair with a patriotic display to roll down the aisles in a celebratory nature. The theme becomes a little unclear with the addition of the robot and parrot, but who knows what this guy’s true motives really are.

5. Clearly Craigslist wasn’t getting this guy any responses. While shopping about, this guy decided to advertise that he was looking for 2 bedroom apartment on his back to make sure he wasn’t missing out on any potential roommates. It’s an unconventional technique and one that will surely bring some very interesting characters into his life.

Clearly Craigslist wasn’t getting this guy any responsesReddit /r/ PeopleOfWalmart

6. This guy keeps it all business professional until you check out the stems he’s rocking. His cane might not even be necessary, he could just need help to master his stride at new heights. Considering he’s perusing the costume aisle, you have to wonder just what he’s going to add to his unique look next.

7. Now here’s a hairstyle you don’t see every day. Did this person take advantage of the hair salon inside of Walmart and then just show them a picture of wall insulation? When your hair is dipping below the shoulders, it’s all the more important to groom, but this person doesn’t seem to mind the matted look.

8. Item on the top shelf? Not a problem for this girl, who has pretty much just strapped two-step ladders to her feet and won’t need the assistance of any employee unless she breaks an ankle. It’s certainly not the most convenient footwear while shopping, but who knows, maybe she’s working her way up to stilts.

9. It’s not easy to keep up with all of the beauty trends, there seems to be a new one sweeping social media every second. This woman, however, decided to just start a new look completely on her own, which is fairly respectable. It’s almost like a hodgepodge of makeup trends throughout the years.

10. Some Walmart goers are just completely customers unhinged. This woman clearly put in quite a bit of effort to look this bizarre, but it’s not super obvious what statement she’s trying to convey. She doesn’t seem to mind having her picture taken, although she doesn’t look overly ecstatic about it either.

11. Maybe this employee was just sick and tired of hearing people approaching and saying, “Sir?” It’s a bold yet pretty effective technique to let people know your gender, but the quotation marks are a little questionable. Whatever the motive is here, the statement will certainly make those with questions more cautious than usual.

12. When you let your toenails grow out this long there’s really only one type of shoe you can wear, and if you aren’t showing them off then what’s the point, right? You have to wonder how people manage to get through their day-to-day lives with toenails this long.

to get through their day-to-day lives with toenails this long.Reddit /r/ PeopleOfWalmart

13. There’s nothing worse than seeing the person who has to touch literally every item you’re about to purchase with their hand going for a wrist deep scratch into their pants. Fortunately, whoever took this picture ended up getting cashed out at a different register, but other unsuspecting customers might not be as lucky.

14. Seeing kids riding on their shoulders after a long day of shopping? Sure. However, seeing a kid casually standing atop his mother’s waist? Well, that’s just something you can only witness at a Walmart. That can’t be a very comfortable position for this mother, but judging by both of their forms, this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

15. One would hope that these two had one heck of a meet-cute inside of a Walmart to warrant getting engaged in one, but who really knows what goes on in these stores? At least the guy decided to drop their knee near a thing of Hershey Kisses, that’s kind of romantic, right?

16. It can’t be easy to have hair this long and it must involve a lot of caution when out in public to avoid getting the hair tug of a lifetime. However, at least this person will always be able to help anyone who is in need of an elastic, which is what they are probably shopping for.

17. Don’t think that the weirdness of Walmart is limited to the store itself, it can easily be spread to the parking lot and beyond. This car parked outside of the “Home & Pharmacy” entrance of the store has three haunting dolls just casually propped up in the backseat, which is unsettling, to say the least.

18. Hopefully this picture was on or around Hallowe’en, but knowing the randomness of Walmart’s clientele, this was probably on Mother’s Day. Maybe there’s a technique behind this traumatizing look, maybe it’s a way to get through the store on a busy day without people bumping into you or even looking at you in the eye.

19. There are not many places you can get away with bringing an, ahem, “adult” doll to without it being questioned. However, at least this guy knows how to dress his lifeless woman to look the part. You have to wonder how this kid was raised and what he thinks about this man’s relationship.

20. This dad used Walmart fashion to prove a point to his daughters that their shorts were too short. Considering what other people have been seen wearing in the store, this outfit won’t even turn ahead. However, this experience should fill these guys’ daughters with enough embarrassment to keep them in pants for some time.

21. One would think that this is accidental, but how out of it do you really have to be to not realize that you’re putting underwear over your pants. Maybe this person couldn’t find their belt in the morning and decided to improvise by using a pair of panties to keep things up.

decided to improvise by using a pair of panties to keep things upPinterest

22. Is it possible for one person to be so busy that they don’t even have enough time to do a face mask at home? This girl clearly doesn’t waste any time and her shirt even insinuates that she’s either coming from or going to the gym. Hitting all of the birds with one stone.

23. There has to be a story here. She can’t be that lazy that she just wore a duvet to Walmart, right? Hopefully, someone stole her clothes during a one-night stand and she had to make do before purchasing some new ones. That’s really the only way this makeshift dress would be acceptable.

24. Not something you see every day, but there are certainly benefits to this Jolly Rancher adorned ‘do. Anyone who has ever left a Jolly Rancher in their pocket will know that this isn’t a terrible idea. However, it takes a certain type of person to want to decorate themselves with candy.

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