This Married Couple Illustrates Their Everyday Problems With A Surreal Twist

Husband and wife, Andreas and Mac Håndlykken sure know how to make the most of everyday annoyances. The Oslo, Norway illustrators portray situations in their everyday life using hilarious webcomics

Relatable and funny, these artists are truly unique in the ways they capture their audience. With Mac doing the line work and Andreas coloring the images, they prove to be the perfect team.

The best way to deal with everyday problems? Laugh about them, of course. Check out these whimsical twists on day-to-day life.

1. Facial hair can definitely change a man’s appearance for better or for worse. The spectrum starts at caveman and goes all the way to babyface.

2. Chores are never fun, unless of course, you’ve got a good imagination like turning your garden hose into a flamethrower. Note: keep an eye out for staring neighbours. 

3. We all know the annoyance of losing that crucial sock which is never to be seen again. You often hear jokes about little sock monsters hiding in the dryer stealing garments. Well, these artists brought the joke to life. 

4. If you love hot sauce, you love hot sauce! Don’t let the fear of going up in flames stop you from dousing your food, right? Don’t worry, the tastebuds always seem to start working again eventually. 

5. “Ahh my eyes”, says everyone who looks at their phone screen first thing in the morning. Turn down the brightness or pass the sunglasses, would you?

6. Anyone with arachnophobia can surely relate to this. Put on the hazmat suits, grab the blow torch, it’s a spider!

7. Those dreaded, vividly realistic dreams. You’re massively late for work, trying with all your might to get there on time, only to wake up and realize it’s Sunday. The only upside is getting to crawl back into your cozy bed afterward. 

8. Aren’t cats the best? We love them so much we even take hundreds of little pieces of them everywhere we go. Hairballs in the mouth, picking hair out of your eyes and lint rolling everything you own, all in the name of love. 

9. Dog people connect with other dog people. Well, except for those grumpy, antisocial dog people we come across from time to time.

10. If the only exercise you’re getting is through your daily household chores, there’s nothing wrong with a little wishful thinking, right?

11. Dun dun…dun dun…You just never know what could be lurking below you in the lake. Especially, if you’ve got an overactive imagination.

12. Doesn’t it feel like this sometimes? You’re just walking around, minding your own business when your evil furniture betrays you.  

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