16 Painful Truths About Having Long Hair

There are a million things to complain about when you have long hair. It’s annoying, it’s frustrating and it gets in the way all the time. As much as long-haired people love to hate their manes, the truth is they wouldn’t have it any other way. Once you have long hair it’s part of your identity and shorter styles are out of the question. Who would you be without your flowing ponytails or barrel curls?

Cassandra Calin, a cartoonist from Montreal, created a series of webcomics dedicated to people with long hair. She hit the nail on the head when it comes to the painful truths of dealing with long and luscious locks.

Remember, having long hair can actually come in handy sometimes. For instance, if you don’t have a hair tie, you can tie your tresses in a knot. If you don’t have any dental floss, you can use your hair. Actually, ew, don’t do that. In order to deal with all of the bonuses of long hair, you will have some sacrifices. Check out these 18, all too relatable illustrations.

1. There’s no such thing as a clean brush when you have long hair. Unless you empty it every single time you use it, it will look like a bird’s nest between the bristles. Also, be prepared for grossed out family members every time they see wads of hair from your brush in the garbage.

2. Ask any long-haired person and they’ll tell you the worst part of their day is brushing their hair in the morning. It’s painful, it’s frustrating and can even bring you to tears. The part that sucks the most? Knowing you have to do it all over again tomorrow and the next day, and the next.

3. There’s nothing worse than getting a bite of food only to notice there’s something in your mouth that doesn’t belong. Hair in the food is enough to make you gag even when it’s your own. And when it’s a long one, good luck digging it out. Tie up your mane when you’re in the kitchen, it will save you your appetite.

4. Hunks of hair can seriously play tricks on you. They can form into whatever your imagination will allow them to. If you’re afraid of insects, you know what it’s like to have a near heart attack after seeing a giant “bug” on the ground, only to find out it’s a little hairball.



5. If you have long hair or live with someone who has long hair, you better have an arsenal of plumbing products handy. A plunger, draining chemicals, maybe even a wire clothes hanger will likely all be used to unclog your shower drain at one time or another.  It’s not our fault we shed!

6. Dealing with long hair issues is just a part of everyday life for those who choose to have long locks. For partners, on the other hand, the whole concept takes a little getting used to. They too will experience hair in their food, hair on their clothes and probably at some point, hair in their mouth.

7. Long hair is definitely a bonus when you’re trying to flirt. You can flip it, play with it and run your fingers through it. Well, you can almost run your fingers through it. Long hair gets tangled very, very easily. Fingers usually don’t make the best hairbrush, although they are quite “handy” (get it?)

8. What’s even harder to deal with than long hair? Long and curly hair. Flat ironing can take what feels like decades. Split your hair into sections, and then split it into more sections, and then split it into even more sections. By the time you’re done you might be in your 90s, but at least you look sleek!

9. Short styles are super chic and stylish. But, if you’re a long-haired person, the thought of parting with your luscious locks can cause some serious anxiety. Remember that one time you did, and you hated it for every last second until it finally grew back? Who wants to go through that ordeal again?

10. Zippers, velcro, buckles, buttons, they’re all long-haired people’s worst enemies and they happen to be on just about everything. While you’re lint rolling the hair from all of your clothing, don’t forget to pick out all of the strands from your bags and purses. Oh, the neverending struggles of painfully long hair.

11. Some clothing materials attract lint and hair like no other. If you’ve got long hair then you definitely know this when it comes to your go-to black leggings. As long and beautiful as your tresses are, human hair is not an accepted accessory. Lint rollers are a long-haired must.

12. It’s one thing finding your hair in your own food, but you don’t want to feel the wrath when a family member finds your hair in their food. Unless you’ve got someone else to blame it on, I’d say you’re better off to listen to mom’s advice and wear it up in the kitchen.

13. Here’s one of those long hair plus sides mentioned. Long locks can double as a scarf on cold, windy days. You’ll probably have to sacrifice some hair in the mouth, but it’s better than your lips freezing off.  Long hair will also keep your ears so warm you won’t need a hat.

14. If you’ve got long hair and lose your earbuds in your ‘do, it’s basically a search and rescue mission. Do yourself a favor and opt for an actual set of headphones. Earbuds are just one more thing for your hair to get tangled with.

15. Long hair gets caught in just about everything. Nothing like getting in your car on the way to work and having your head jolted when you shut the door. On the plus side, if you’re running late and didn’t have time to pull out the blow dryer, this is an excellent hair-drying technique.

16. One thing’s for sure, long-hair isn’t like we see it in the movies. Beautiful women with gorgeous heads of hair, sleeping like supermodels with their silky locks gently surrounding them. Nope, it’s more like going to bed with hair and waking up to discover it’s turned into a rat’s nest.


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