This Is Why Celebrities Wear Shoes That Are Too Big For Them

If you enjoy watching red carpets and are known to pay attention to detail, you’ve probably noticed that some celebrities wear shoes that are big for them. If you’ve never noticed this, we don’t blame you. Most of the dresses actresses wear are long enough to cover their feet entirely.

But for those who are into celebrities, red carpets and fashion, you’ve probably seen that some of them wear shoes that are too big for them. Why is that? Maybe it’s a new fashion trend that is happening? Or maybe there’s a method to the madness. I mean there has to be a logical explanation for this.

It’s actually a known fact that celebrities wear shoes that are too big for them on purpose. The secret is pretty simple: by wearing shoes that are too big and wide for them, celebrities can prevent their feet from swelling and forming blisters. Ladies, for those of us who wear heels a ton, this is pretty genius.

We know that wearing heels for a few hours can destroy our feet, so you can imagine how painful it might be for celebs who have to stand in heels for hours and hours-sometimes all night. They can’t even show that they are in pain because they have to keep looking glamorous…even through the pain.

Heels can create a ton of damage to your feet, a damage that can create chronic foot issues later in life. So celebrities choose to avoid this by wearing shoes that are too big for them. Large pumps or sandals won’t squeeze your feet, they won’t rub your feet, and they definitely won’t squeeze your feet.

Think about it, you get a gorgeous pedicure, blister-free. You are ready for a night out and put on your favorite pumps. You are ready to hit the town. But by the end of the night, your gorgeous pedi is gone. Your feet are now filled with blisters, bruises, and just general pain. Not to mention the nail polish is scraped off.

So you are probably thinking this bigger shoe idea is genius but how do these celebs make sure these shoes don’t just slip off while walking the red carpet? There has to be something to ensure that these shoes stay on! Don’t worry, stylists got it covered.

Marechal Au

In order to keep the shoes that are too big from slipping off their feet, celebrities place silicone pads inside the pumps. This simple trick makes sure that while they are getting their photos taken on the red carpet, they don’t have a Cinderella moment and lose their shoes.

The Sun

This simple trick ensures that the shoe fits snugly while at the same time stays on the foot. So you can wear a shoe that does not stop blood circulation, and stops feet from swelling. In other words, these silicon pads are life saviors…and they could be yours too!

If you don’t have any silicone pads laying around your home, double-sided tape works just as good. Celebrities who wear shoes that are too big use the assistance of tape to make sure that the shoes stay on their feet all night long.

Huffington Post

Sure, celebrities usually have the help of maxi-dresses to cover up their shoes, but these two tricks have become pretty popular, so most celebrities don’t even feel the need to cover up their feet with long dresses. So the next time you go out and are worried about wearing painful heels, try getting shoes that are a size bigger! Your feet will thank you later.

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