8 Weird Things That Are Seen As Sexy In Various Countries

8 Weird Things That Are Seen As Sexy In Various CountriesBestie

The beautiful part about the world is that it’s incredibly diverse. Weird things that are socially unacceptable in one country could be considered beautiful.

Physical defects are one of the weird things that some countries consider beautiful. If you have crooked teeth, in some countries you’d be a hot commodity. Do you have really pale skin? Not to worry, there is one country that would love to have you.

Below you will find the top weird things that are considered sexy in various countries.

Scars: Some African countries like New Guinea still decorate their bodies and faces with artistic scars. These scars are usually used to mark milestones for men and women such as puberty and marriage.

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Overweight: In Mauritania, which is in Northwest Africa, if a woman wants to get noticed by a man, she must have a lot of folds on her stomach. In order to make sure they gain the proper weight; families send them to farms where they eat up to 16,000 calories a day, according to Lindsey A. Guerrero, who has spoken about the force-feeding of these young girls.


Crooked Teeth: A perfect smile in western civilization is a perfectly straight line of teeth. In Japan, perfect teeth are not straight, they’re crooked. Dentists are in high demand for those who want this look.

Crooked Teethhttp://i.dailymail.co.uk

Pale Skin: In various parts of Asia, pale skin is beautiful. When the temperature is hot and the sun is shining, many people will wear masks when they go to the beach to protect their pale skin.

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High Foreheads: In medieval times, women often removed half their hair on the top of their heads to have high foreheads. The same custom is done by women in the Fula tribe in Africa.

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Surgical Dressing on the Nose: Some people get rhinoplasty to fix a deformed part of their nose. In Iran, people line up for this procedure to get the dressing put on their noses.

Surgical Dressing on the Nosehttp://exploreplasticsurgery.com

Red Skin & Stretched Lips: In Ethiopia, there is a tribe called the Mursi. The girls stretch their lips with large disks. The larger the disk, the better her social status becomes. The Himba, who live in northwest Namibia, cover their body in red ochre and fat to protect their body from the sun.

Red Skin & Stretched LipsBestie

Monobrow: In certain areas of Tajikistan, the monobrow is considered a sign of beauty. The locals believe that a monobrow is an indication that a person will be very fortunate in life.

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