Yup, Ryan Seacrest Was Totally Snubbed On Oscars Red Carpet By The Biggest Celebrities

In a scathing expose done by Variety, Suzie Hardy who was Ryan Seacrest’s personal stylist for E! News, claims that Ryan Seacrest subjected her to ‘years of unwanted sexual aggression.’ In a November letter from Suzie’s attorney, it claims that Ryan Seacrest would rub his genitals on Suzie’s body while wearing only his underwear, grab her vagina, as well as slap her rear so hard that it left a visible mark hours later. Suzie said that at the time she got hired, in 2007, she was a single mother with a preschool-age daughter and feared losing her job. It wasn’t until 2013 when Suzie complained of Ryan’s actions to human resources executives that she was formally terminated.

Ryan Seacrest has since denied those claims and it was on November 17 when Ryan himself addressed them. He said that E! was investigating a misconduct complaint against him by ‘someone that worked as a wardrobe stylist for me nearly a decade ago at E! News.’ As reported by Variety, more than three months later, E! issued a statement that revealed that the investigation had concluded and that there was ‘insufficient evidence to support the claims against Seacrest.’

Despite these allegations, E! insisted on having Ryan Seacrest host the Oscars and almost expectedly, awkwardness ensued. It was during an interview on The Howard Stern Show where Jennifer Lawrence expressed her concerns about being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest. Jennifer went on to say that she is ‘not a judge. I am not a jury,’ but did say: ‘I mean, there is a lot to think about with E!, you know? I have always had a problem with the Fashion Police. I don’t have a problem with talking about what women are wearing. There was a time they were… they were just mean about people’s bodies, things you shouldn’t say.’

As reported by the NY Post, many publicists in Hollywood have asked their talent to avoid talking to Ryan or to avoid talking to E! altogether, which could spell trouble for the network since E! has long owned the red carpet coverage.


While Ryan Seacrest did interview a total of twenty celebrities that night, many of the biggest names were absent from his interviews. Of his twenty celebs, only two were actual Oscar nominees—Allison Janney for the supporting actress award as well as Christopher Plummer for supporting actor.

Famous actress, Taraji P. Henson, gave a sly smile as she said to Ryan: ‘you know what, the universe has a way of taking care of the good people, you know what I mean?’ to which Ryan replied ‘I agree.’

And Ryan’s interview with Christopher Plummer was equally marked by awkwardness as well since he asked Christopher about the difficulty of filming his part in Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World in just nine days. While it was not verbalized, the movie was on a time crunch because disgraced actor Kevin Spacey had to be removed from his scenes.

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