Body Signals: 8 Signs That Your Body is Crying for Help


Our bodies are designed to help us live for long periods of time. It’s up to us to help our bodies flourish by paying attention to them when they try to speak to us. You’re probably wondering; “how can my body speak to me?” There are many signals that are given that indicate your body needs help.

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People are often skeptical when it comes to signals from the body. Many signs are vague and difficult to determine, which is where the skepticism comes from. But it is our job to ignore the skepticism and listen to when our body speaks to us.

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Doctors can help us determine what is wrong, but it’s our job to take the initiative and make an appointment. You can’t make an appointment without having a sign or signal to tell the doctor. Which is why the following signals should not be ignored, they may indicate your body needs help.

Cramps In The Legs: At one point or another, everyone has woken up because of a sharp pain in their leg. This is a cramp. One of the main reasons for a leg cramp is not enough blood supply. This happens because the arteries in the legs have become too narrow. Another cause is the nerves in your spine are being compressed. This happens often when people are walking for long periods of time.

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Craving A Lot of Food: One of the main reasons for food cravings is that they lack the essential nutrients. One example is an omega-3 deficiency. This causes cheese cravings. Having small portions of cheese is healthy, but eating too much is not good for the body. If you have low levels of glucose, you might be craving sweets. The easiest way to get rid of these cravings is to adjust your diet. Try not to purchase processed and packaged foods.

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Constant Dry Skin: Dry skin is common, especially during the winter season. But if you’re experiencing constant dry skin, there might be something wrong. One cause is hot showers and baths. No one loves a hot shower more than me, but I started to notice my skin would become dry after I came out of the shower. Other causes can be soaps and detergents. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, your soap may be causing your dry skin. If this is the case, the easiest solution is to buy natural soap. In terms of the hot showers, you might have to learn to take lukewarm showers or eat more nuts and seeds.

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Chronic Headache: In most cases, a headache can be treated by simply hydrating yourself. But a chronic headache can mean a deeper issue. A chronic headache can be caused by emotional stress. Emotional stress can come from depression and anxiety. If you have poor sleeping habits, you may find yourself suffering from headaches on a daily basis.

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Split Ends: This sign affects women more than men. For women, split ends can be a nuisance. Devices like blow-dryers and hair straighteners are one of the main causes for split ends. Excessive brushing can also cause split ends. Also, women that love to dye their hair will often experience split ends more than those who do not. From a nutritional standpoint, your diet needs healthy fats. Having healthy oils and fish will help prevent split ends.


Brittle Nails: Women love to make their nails look fancy. Nail polish may look nice, but it’s actually harming your nails. The chemicals are what cause the nails to become brittle over time. A poor diet can also be responsible for brittle nails. So by adding essential vitamins and minerals, you can prevent brittle nails.


Terrible Breath: Are people running away when you breathe or talk? Your breath might be to blame. If you tend to eat food that has a bad odor, you better have good oral hygiene. Because broken down food particles can stick and rot if not taken care of. A dry mouth can also cause bad breath. You need saliva in order to remove the particles in your mouth that are causing the odor.


Bloating: Bloating is never a good feeling. You feel sluggish and tired and even gassy at times. One cause is eating too fast. But there is a simple solution, slow down when you’re eating. If your diet consists of rich fatty foods, they can cause bloating. This is because they digest slower than carbs and protein. If you have low stomach acid, the food will not be digested properly into the stomach. This will cause acid-reflux and gassy symptoms.


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