7 Action Movie Skills That Might Help You Out One Day


When movies are created, they are meant to tell a story. Whether they are fiction, or non-fiction, there is always a message. Take action movies for example, there are certain action movie skills that could help you.

In most cases the stunts are real, and when they escape, it’s mostly realistic. We also live in a time where the impossible is possible. We are constantly making new discoveries and advancing technology. So who’s to say you couldn’t end up in a situation where you might need to remember what your favorite action hero did?

It might never happen, but wouldn’t you want to be prepared if it does? Below is a list of certain action movie skills that could help you.

Hiding Money: If you ever have documents or money that need to be safe, under the floor is the best place to put it. If you have a safe, it can be cracked. The bank asks too many questions. But the floor is perfectly safe. No one would suspect it, and no one has that kind of time to go digging.


Escaping Zip Ties: If you’re trying to keep people from using their hands, zip ties are the new handcuffs. Police officers have even made the transition to them. Apparently, they are impossible to get out of. Like I said before, the impossible is always possible. If you can, lift your hands over your head, and pull them down fast and spread your arms. It will cause a lot of pain, but if you’re strong enough, you’ll be released. Out of the certain action movie skills that could help you, this would be the most common.


Escape Handcuffs With a Match: Stuck in a pair of handcuffs? No problem, all you need is a match. If you’re in a situation where you might end up in cuffs, make sure you have a match. Simply flatten it with your teeth. Then stick it in the hole that you see below and you’re free.


Creating A Door Monitor: No lock in your room? Or do you have a lock and just afraid of it getting picked? You’ll need to create a door monitor. It’s simple, just get a piece of tape and some string. Tape the string above the door so it is dangling on the door. When someone enters and then closes the door, the string will get stuck between the door.


Sending A Secret Message: Is there a message you need to get out but can’t let just anyone see? You’ll need a blank piece of paper, a black marker, and a white crayon. The person that is meant to read it will simply color the paper with the marker.

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Creating Waterproof Matches: There is nothing worse than going on a hike and freezing your behind off. If it’s raining, matches won’t work, unless they’re waterproof. All you need to do is take the matches and paint the tip with nail polish. Nail polish does not wash off with water, so the rain stands no chance! As far as certain action movie skills that could help you, this is the most realistic.

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Coded Message: Now that you know how to make a secret message, how about a coded message? Start by writing the letters A to M on a piece of paper. Below that, write the letters N to Z. All you do is change the letter you are using to its opposite on the second line.

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Who would have thought certain action movie skills could help you? As you can see, you don’t necessarily need to be in an action scene to put them to use. But I do not recommend you go looking for trouble so you can try some of these!


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