25 Photos For People In Need Of Some Laughs

Life gets hard sometimes, and when it does, the only cure can be a good laugh. It’s not always easy to find a reason to smile when you’re feeling down, but the Internet is a treasure trove of comedic material.

If you are looking for some laughs right now then you have come to the right place.

Below is a list of 25 photos for people in desperate need of some laughs.

1. Baptism Water Slide: For anyone who has been baptized before, we bet it didn’t look like it had a giant water slide coming out of the church. This meme puts a laugh-worthy image in anyone’s head after reading the text. We are just starting to wonder why we haven’t seen something like this sooner.

2. Milkshake Yard: If you are a Millennial then we are sure you remember Kelis’s hit single “Milkshake,” which has been endlessly parodied. This funny comic meme does a rendition of the song in a hilarious way. If you are in need of some laughs look no further than this comic meme.

3. Mom’s Intuition: When this guy grew up and told his mom he was gay, she said she already knew. He couldn’t believe it so his mother showed him this picture. This is one example of how mothers always know about their children even when we don’t know it ourselves.

4. Shocked Pug: Want to freak out your pug? Dress up just like it and wait for the moment of realization. We have to admit, there are some very strange things happening in this photo. But overall, if this pug’s reaction doesn’t give you some laughs when you are in need, we don’t know what will.

5. Unfortunate Cake Decorator: This is one cake order that anyone who is in need of some laughs will love. This Baskin Robbins cake decorator received an order with a special request attached. Turns out the message on the top of this cake has a lot of not-so-subtle bedroom innuendos. We feel bad for this employee.

6. Food Is Key: This meme should make anyone who is in desperate need of some laughs get them. We have all heard the saying that the way to keep a woman is by buying her material items. Yet this meme states that the guy kept this girl because he bought her food instead. We find this hilarious because it is slightly true.

7. Paw Print Pie: This person was making a pie when they happened to turn around for one minute. When they looked back, they noticed that there was a paw print on top of the pie dough. We can just imagine the cat accidentally placing their paw there and then realizing something wasn’t right and running away.

Reddit /u/ WashCapsFan

8. Popeye’s Hats: This person went to the local Popeyes near their parents’ house and happened to stumble upon this sight. All the employees had to wear really big hats that resemble cheese wheels. We are not sure what these hats have to do with anything that Popeyes sells, but that only makes it all the more funny.

Instagram /u/ @kalesalad

9. Cat Robinson: Anyone who loves cats and the movie The Graduate will surely get some laughs from this photo. The cat was sitting in the perfect position against the slip for the vinyl soundtrack of the film. The positioning makes it look like the cat’s leg is actually Mrs. Robinson’s. The look on the cat’s face only adds to the hilarity.

10. Tinder Jesus: This is one Tinder profile that is worth more than just a swipe right, it’s worth a laugh as well. This person went to great lengths to make a Tinder profile for Jesus. He went above and beyond to make it look like he was turning water into wine for his profile picture. This may be one of the funniest photos on the list.

11. Evil Penguin: This is a photo that anyone who loves the Batman comics or movies will get some laughs from. This son wanted to be Batman for Halloween and asked his dad to dress up as Penguin. His dad was a trooper and complied, but apparently, this costume was not what he was expecting. At least this penguin seems much friendlier.

12. Gentlesnake: It is rare to see a photo of a snake this dapper, but here we are. This calm snake was given a top hat to wear for a photo. If you aren’t laughing yet we don’t know what will make you crack. This may be the only photo to make us think snakes would actually make pretty good pets.

13. Huge Teddy Bear: There’s just something about teddy bears that appeals to children. When this little girl’s grandpa bought her a teddy bear, he went a little overboard in the size department. This may not be the funniest of photos, but it definitely is one of the more adorable ones.

14. Welcome To Jurassic Park: This is a sign outside of Maine warning people about mosquitoes. We are not quite sure if that is what we got out of the sign though. It looks like this sign is really warning people from entering the area because there is going to be a killer flying insect swooping down and grabbing them.

15. Massive Toilet Roll: There are times you have been to the toilet and had to look for the toilet roll only to realize there wasn’t any left. The horror that incurs from that moment can be quite mortifying. We are guessing that someone experienced this moment and decided to get a massive toilet roll so they would never have to experience that dreaded moment again.

16. Am I Gone?: The only time you usually go to a funeral home is if you’re mourning someone’s passing or if you’re dead yourself. That’s what makes this funeral home name awkwardly funny. If you are in need of some laughs then look no further than the name of this funeral home.

17. Biggest Bark: For anyone who owns or knows a dog out there, you’re well aware that they can be competitive. These two dogs appear to be in some sort of barking competition. You all should start placing your bets because it looks like it’s going to be a close call. Ours is on the little one.

18. History: If you are in need of some laughs, look no further than these two reptiles sitting down to watch Jurassic Park. It’s important for everyone to know their history regardless of species. We find it hilarious and adorable that the two look so peaceful and are holding one another through the title.

19. Internet Outage: A lot of people say that since the internet has come around, no one spends time in nature anymore. This meme sums up pretty much what a lot of people have said, but in a hilarious way. This anime character goes outside and asks what species of bird a butterfly is. If this doesn’t make you laugh we don’t know what will.

20. Suggestive Bowling Ad: Usually bowling ads are made to appeal to families and kids. However, apparently, they aren’t the target audience of this particular ad. It’s pretty amazing how this ad was able to get published in a local newspaper without anyone thinking twice about how suggestive it is. To us, it comes across immediately as an innuendo, but then again, maybe we just have dirty minds.

21. Yogurt Abs: When this person was scooping out their yogurt it turned into something that resembled statuesque abs and pecs. Unusual designs come out of yogurt all the time, but many aren’t documented quite like this one. The contrast of the white yogurt against the red flavoring makes it look like these pecs were sculpted in marble, not yogurt.

22. Bathroom Stares: This is a photo that is sure to make anyone who needs some laughs get them. If you went into this bathroom, it is likely you would opt for another stall to use. This is just really unusual and we don’t think anyone wants to be looked at when they are doing the deed. It’s certainly worth a laugh though!

Reddit /u/ mRNA28

23. Gas Challenge: When we pour gas into our car, we want to make sure to get every drop in because the prices are so high. However, this guy likes to have a bit of a challenge by turning gas pumping into a game. It’s almost like a bartender pouring a drink from up high. We are not sure we could be as confident as this guy seems to be of his gas-pouring skills.

24. Cat Or Bird: At dinner one night, this girl’s brother passed her this note. He must have had a lot of time to think about this, but he is actually right. Is this a drawing of a cat or a bird? It’s really hard to tell and we are mind-blown at this drawing. The shock of it will give anyone who needs some laugh to get them.

25. Dad Jokes: This dog is really adorable and this meme is quite correct. The look this dog gets on its face is similar to one when someone is trying to see if you get their joke. Usually, when people use this face it actually makes an unfunny joke funny, which is why this is one adorable and funny photo that should make anyone who needs a good laugh get one.


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