16 Situations We Can All Relate To

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Although every person is unique and experiences life differently, there are still little situations that almost everyone has found themselves in. Whether it be something

  • Annoying,
  • Awkward,
  • Typical.

There are definitely a few things everyone can relate to. Although they might not be the biggest issues, they do have us feeling frustrated or embarrassed at one point or another.

Here are 16 typical situations that many people have probably found themselves in. Whether it be an annoying problem with glasses or having to deal with growing up, we’ve definitely all been there.

1. If you wear glasses, you probably know about all of the annoyances that come along with it. For starters, that face palm moment when you swear you’ve looked everywhere for them and it turns out they were on your head.

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2. Or when you get a new pair of glasses and within days the lenses become smudged. Even worse, when a friend asks to try them on and they absent-mindedly touch the lenses.

3. When temperature affects your vision. Like when you drink your coffee and the steam fogs up the lenses or you come inside on a cold day and you’re suddenly blinded.

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4. Before 30 and After 30: Your body is going to go through some serious changes as you get older. Your metabolism slows down and will probably find yourself with less free time, making it a lot harder to hit the gym. It’s a fact of life and it’s something we all have to deal with. So while your underwear might not look as good on your naked body in your 30s as it did in your 20s, you’ve still got to find a way to make it work.

5. Growing up can be a struggle too. Since everyone goes through this, we can probably all relate. Back when you were a kid you might have been outside at the park, and now you’re probably at a desk looking at a picture of a park.

6. When you were younger, birthdays were surrounded by family, friends, and gifts. Now you might be stuck at work, celebrating on your own.

7. A kid’s biggest fear might be something like the dark or a needle, but when you grow up, you might be more fearful of the medical fees depending on where you live. 

8. The dark can still be scary to anyone. We’ve definitely all had a moment when we’re sleeping and something casts a strange shadow which makes you jump. Especially after watching a scary movie. 

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9. Anyone who has ever gotten their hair cut has probably had the feeling that too much was cut off. Even if just a couple inches have been removed, a little can look like a lot when it comes to hair. How many people have cried after a haircut and then it ended up not being so bad?

10. Everyone has had that uncomfortable moment when you see someone and say ‘hello, how are you?’ and they say ‘good how are you?’ and then you accidentally say ‘Good thanks, and you?’ So awkward.

11. Or that moment when you see someone waving so you automatically wave back, only to realize they were waving at someone behind you. Yikes.

12. That awkward dance you do with a stranger when neither of you knows which direction to step to allow the other to pass.

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13. Most people have probably made the mistake of being at a restaurant and after the waiter or waitress says ‘enjoy your meal!’ you accidentally respond with ‘Thanks you too!’

14. That moment when you’re staring at someone, or perhaps just gazing in their general direction and they catch you. Those two seconds of eye contact is an awkward moment everyone has been in.

15. Everyone has had a conversation at some point where the other person said something they didn’t hear. Then, after asking them to repeat what they said for the third time, you kind of just nod and laugh, still not knowing what they said.

16. That awkward moment when you’re out in public and you see someone you kind of know and you’re not sure if you should say hello or try and avoid eye contact.

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