Meghan Markle’s Latest Outfit Has Annoyed A Lot Of People

Prince Charles recently celebrated his birthday turning 70 years old, which happened in the wake of the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and the new Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. The Duke and Duchess made their first royal appearance as a married couple for Prince Harry’s father’s birthday celebrations.

The two were very well dressed for the occasion, all dressed up in their Sunday Bests. However, it was Meghan Markle’s outfit that sparked some hilarious commentary by people on Twitter. According to Insider, the dress itself is a simple but elegant one, noting: “The light pinkish-beige number, made by British brand Goat, was effortlessly chic.” However, it wasn’t the dress that was gaining attention from people on the internet, but rather the tights that she was wearing.

Yes, you heard it, people. Meghan Markle has started wearing tights. Keeping up with royal tradition much like The Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle was spotted wearing the nude colour tights that in previous public appearances didn’t seem to be a thing until she got married into the royal family. Meghan Markle is known for her stylish choices and free spirit when it comes to her fashion.

Twitter personalities and celebrities posted their response online. British actor Nick Frost, known for Sean of the Dead, Paul, Pirate Radio, & Snow White and the Huntsman, said: “Oh [expletive]!!! Meghan is wearing tights!!!! TIGHTS!!!!” An online editor of Stellar Magazine, Valarie Loftus (@valarieloftus) said: “They have her in the [expletive] tan tights already SAY NO MEGHAN!” This grief comes from a popular opinion about women conforming to the Royal Traditions including ways to dress.

Other Twitter users, including Chloe (@_chole_hx), commented on how the tights were not the right color chosen by Meghan Markle’s stylist, saying: “Meghan looks absolutely stunning but if she has to wear skin-coloured tights then why can’t her stylist actually find the right skin colour tights for her?! Those tights are pale for her!”

Meghan Markle was wearing tightsGetty Images

Luckily for Meghan, attention was quickly drawn away from her when a bumblebee flew into Prince Harry’s ear while making a speech about his father for his birthday celebration, which broke a lot of tensions in the crowd and gave Meghan Markle a good chuckle. The event itself went well as Prince Charles celebrated his 70th birthday among family and friends. According to the Daily Mail, over 250 emergency services workers were attending the event, as they celebrated not only Prince Charles’ birthday, but the dedication and hard work they put into each and every workday. Prince Harry also thanked his father in his speech, crediting his hard work in preserving endangered species, stating: ‘We’re here today to reflect on and to celebrate my father’s dedicated support to all of you and the work that you do.’

Honestly, though, people should care far less about whether Meghan Markle was wearing tights or not. A lot of people wear tights, and a lot of people wear whatever color tights they want, whenever they want. Just because she’s married into the royal family, doesn’t mean her every fashion choice, movement or action needs to be scrutinized. You go, Duchess of Sussex! Wear whatever you feel like!

Meghan Markle was wearing tightsGetty Images

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