16 Quirks Americans Don’t Realize Are Really Weird


It has definitely been an eventful year for American’s with a heated presidential election coming to an end and the acceptance of a new president. It’s a monumental time in history for everyone as the world adjusts to these changes and developments. Some people in America may be wondering what makes America great, and what things might need to change. America sure has it’s quirks, whether it be:

  • Super-sized everything
  • Questionable advertisements

For those who are just visiting or are new to the country, some things might not add up or make complete sense right away. But these are just part of the things that make America the place that it is.

We’ve compiled a list of things that people shared and found quirky about America. Apart from all the quirky people who come from and live in America, there are a few other things that has the rest of the world asking why. 

1. Drink sizes: The drink portions are insane. If you looks at the comparison between a large McDonald’s drink from an American location compared to one in Japan, you’d be surprised at the difference. Some people also find it strange that free refills are available at most fast food joints.

2. Food sizes: Food portions are also pretty big. Some meals in America offer enough food in a single portion that would definitely be able to feed more that one. 

3. Flags everywhere: On t-shirts, bandanas, even pants. Don’t think we can think of another country that reps their flag so much.

4. Deep fried food: There sure are a lot of creative fried dishes and some people seem to think that America is the home of it all. At American food fairs, people have found out ways to fry all kinds of edible things from beer to bubblegum. Check out this deep fried Kool-Aid donut made in California by Charlie Boghosian. 

5. 24/7 service: In most places, stores close each night and reopen in the morning. When you’re in America, there are some services that are open all night long which is a change for some people. New York City is literally called the city that never sleeps.

6. One stop shop: It’s kind of insane that you can walk into a Walmart and buy literally anything you want. American Walmart’s are like a one stop shop for anything from ordinary items like clothing and toiletries, however you can also pick up a hunting knife and shotgun if you feel so inclined. 

 7. Fashion choices: Some people find it strange that in America, you’re bound to find some peculiar people with interesting fashion choices. This includes people wearing pajamas in the supermarket, yoga attire when they aren’t doing yoga, and flip flops when they aren’t at the beach. To each one’s own, but some people are still scratching their heads. Like this guy wearing camouflage in a Walmart. 

8. Car size: The size of everything seems to be large in America, and it’s not just the food. Compared to a European vehicle, some of the trucks Americans drive are pretty gigantic in comparison. 

9. Beer at the corner store: If you think about it, it’s a bit strange that a local corner shop where kids can buy sweets also sells, and simultaneously advertises, very adult things like alcohol and cigarettes. In other countries, these products can only be purchased from specialty stores. 

10. The Metric System: America is one of only three nations that hasn’t adopted the Metric System of measurement and the rest of the world is a bit confused. It makes things complicated when ordering products that list US measurements.

 11. Non adjustable shower heads: In other places, shower heads can get pretty fancy with adjustments to control not only the temperature of the water, but the direction and strength of flow. People definitely miss their custom showers when they experience an “American shower”.

12. Dirty bathrooms: Bathroom cleanliness isn’t exactly five star in America if you compare it to another country like Japan. Most people have a public washroom horror story, but there are actually some places that have it together. Imagine using a public washroom with heated seats and changeable plastic wrap so your behind can sit on a clean toilet each time.

13. Condiments: Some people find it quirky how Americans are obsessed with condiments and sauces. Ketchup on french fries, ranch on pizza, cheese dip on vegetables. Sauces are delicious but is nothing eaten on it’s own?

14. Food waste: If you think about it, it’s pretty upsetting how much food gets thrown out each day. From restaurant leftovers to grocery store expiration, it all gets chucked into the dumpster. The sad part is, the food usually can’t be donated anywhere due to avoiding the risks. 

 15. Coffee on the go: In many European countries, coffee is considered a delicacy and is meant to be enjoyed slowly. It must be a bit of a change when those people see the way Americans guzzle coffee in large mugs when they’re on the go. 

16. Customer service: Some people are thrown off a bit at the interactive customer service you might experience at an American store. Someone offering you a sample, offering to bag your stuff, asking if you need help, can be a bit much when you’re just trying to mind your own business and get some shopping done.

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