Heartbreaking Advice From A Dying 24-Year-Old

Everyone remembers that famous line from the film Ferris Bueller’s Day off where he said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.” That’s a pretty deep quote, don’t you think?

A lot of us are guilty of going through life simply existing and without going out and doing the things that we’ve always wanted to do. It’s so easy to fall into that when you’re used to a routine.

Recently, a 24-year-old diagnosed with cancer, with only a short amount of time left, posted his advice on life on Reddit. His words touched a whole audience and we think they’re worth taking a look at. Inspiring is an understatement.

“… the most important thing about death is to ensure that you leave this world a little better than it was before,” he wrote.

#1 EntrepeneurEntrepeneur

The 24-year-old noted that throughout his life he was constantly busy and that he never felt bored with so many things occupying his mind.

#2 Huffington PostHuffington-Post

However, when he came to learn how much time he had, he realized that none of that stuff really mattered.

#3 The Daily BuzzThe-Daily-Buzz

He continued his post on Reddit with what he believes are important lessons about life. For him, it was this advice that would help give meaning to others.

#4 Sparkle QuotesSparkle-Quotes

He first writes on the importance of doing what you love. He writes on Reddit “don’t waste your time on work that you don’t enjoy.”

#5 BloombergBloomberg

His second piece of advice was not to let the fear of other’s opinions stop you from doing what you want. He wrote “Fear weakens and paralyzes you”

#6 ClipartAllClipartAll

The third piece of life advice he gives is taking responsibility for your actions. “Let your life be shaped by decisions you made, not the ones you didn’t,” he wrote.  

#7 EntrepreneurEntrepreneur

And the last advice he writes is on appreciating the people who are around you. The people who love you are the ones that bring you up, “that’s why you shouldn’t take them for granted”

#10 Naukri NamaNaukri-Nama

These four pieces of advice that the 24-year-old writes seem pretty obvious. But when you stop and take a few minutes to reflect, it really makes you reevaluate.

He admitted that these realizations may be simple, but emphasized the importance to “listen to someone who has experienced how valuable time is”

r1468190_21448892Life Potter

But what’s amazing is that he has no regrets. He writes “I understand that the last days of my life have become meaningful”

#13 Yourgenome.orgYourgenome.org

He only regrets not being able to see all the things that are to come in the future. Things like “the creation of Al, or Elon Musk’s next awesome project”

#14 Daily SMS CollectionDaily-SMS-Collection

The 24-year-old then brought up a good point. Your body is “nothing more than a box…if there’s nothing in this box that can change the world, then it doesn’t matter if it disappears”

#15 G. Michael VaseyG.Michael-Vasey

But we think out of everything he wrote, the best line is “you can float through a life created by circumstances, missing day after day, hour after hour”

#16 TED.comTED.com

“Or, you can fight for what you believe in and write the great story of your life. I hope you will make the right choice” he continued.

#4 Sparkle QuotesSparkle-Quotes

Having only lived such a short amount of time is heartbreaking but the advice this guy gives can really help out a lot of young adults who feel like they are struggling.


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