Soon-To-Be Ex-Teacher Goes Off On Parents Who ‘Coddle And Enable’ Their Kids. Internet Wildly Applauds.

Teachers have some of the most difficult jobs out there. Controlling a large group of kids or teenagers takes a certain finesse, skill, and a sea of patience. However, a new teacher from Richmond, Utah is ready to throw in her towel after an increasing number of disrespectful students leave her classroom trashed on a daily basis.

Julie Marburger took to Facebook to post a series of photos showing the state of disarray that her students leave her classroom on a daily basis as well as shame parents who coddle and enable their children. The Facebook post has since gone viral, boasting an enormous 300,000+ likes/reactions on the social media platform as well as over 400,000+ shares. The post, which resonated with a lot of people, really showcases how students might have become far too entitled and disrespectful in this new generation.

In the rant, Julie Marburger reflects on how on this particular day, she left early due to her level of stress that these kids caused her, however, it was an incident with a parent that caused her to leave early. Julie wrote on her Facebook post: “Parents have become far too disrespectful, and their children are even worse. Administration always seems to err on the side of keeping the parent happy, which leaves me with no way to do the job I was hired to do…teach kids.” She adds to this by saying, “I am including photos that I took in my classroom over the past two days. This is how my classroom regularly looks after my students spend all day there.” Let us look now, on what exactly Julie feels she needs the world to see.

Here we see the aftermath of a typical day in Julie Marburger’s nightmare classroom. Students in her class have decimated this bookshelf, and have also left books in a state of ruin. No classroom should be treated with this level of disrespect.

Here we can see that a student has stuck their gum on a windowsill rather than take the time to put it in the trash like a decent human being. Underneath the desk, books have been thrown inside, allowing them to get bent and folded in a state of ruin.

A classroom iPad and headphones are carelessly left on the floor in the corner of this room, making it an easy target to get broken. In a world where schools are underfunded as it is, electronics are a precious commodity. They should be treated with more respect. The classroom is left in a state of disarray.

Julie posted this very long and thought out speech about the current state of affairs in classrooms. She goes into detail about how many of her students have not applied themselves and she will very likely have to fail them by the end of the school year. A move that she also explains will have parents outraged, and the principal will no doubt side with the parents. Julie also explains that she plans to leave her profession as a teacher at the end of the school year, and she’s worried that with this current class that she doesn’t know if she can make it till the end.

Fortunately for Julie, she has received an outpouring of support from fellow teachers, parents, and users on Facebook. Many have left positive comments of support, advice, and even applaud Julie for her actions. Julie provides an update for the words she expressed that really drive her point home.

Here Julie poses with her adorable puppy, a refuge away from her teaching career when she arrives home. According to her Facebook, Julie studied Family and Human Development at the Utah State University, then later got her teacher’s certificate in the Alpine School District.

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In Julie’s final words, she expresses that, “I am a woman of faith and have been quite reflective this week on the good that I can bring to this world because of this experience. I have decided to (as soon as feasible) start blogging my feelings on all of the above and hope many of you will join me in the discussion. If we all work together, we can make the changes we need for our collective success.” Julie serves as an inspiration for teachers everywhere that school systems need a major reform, especially for classrooms like hers.

According to the Center For Education Reform, on the topic of the United States and its rank on the international scale for education when compared to other countries, “The U.S. ranks: 27th in math, 17th in reading, and 20th in science. The U.S. spends more per student than other countries on education, but that spending does not translate into better performance.” This is definitely a sobering fact that perhaps Julie Marburger is well aware of.

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