A Model Shared A Photo Of Her Butt Dimples To Show What A More ‘Realistic’ Body Looks Like

Instagram is a platform for trendy looks and mouth-watering eats. For personal trainer and Instagram model Madalin Giorgetta, the app is a hub for sharing the body that has landed her recognition. The Australian model has become an example of the results of fitness and body care. Recently, she decided to share a raw and unedited image to show her body in a different light.

Madalin took to Instagram to share a photo that exposes her ‘butt dimples’, offering a realistic image of what a body can really look like. Initially, this wasn’t something she wanted to share with the world, but when her sister originally captured the photo, she admits that she forgot to delete it for months.

Upon being asked to submit photos for a spread in Women’s Health & Fitness magazine, the image resurfaced, and she knew exactly what she wanted to do with it.

Giorgetta revealed to Insider that she was torn between five other photos in which she felt she looked “a lot cuter”, before rethinking her decision and deciding “people need to see a more realistic photo.” Her courage and bravery would go a long way, in a time where retouching, filtering, and editing have deceived our perception of body images.

“We don’t see enough of these photos, and we don’t need to look at another picture of hard abs and perfect butts,” Madalin said. The fitness model admitted that although she doesn’t retouch her photos, she does add filters and posts images that are more fitting to traditional standards. The authentic and uncut reveal was in hopes of showing her followers and the fitness industry a side that they hadn’t seen before.

Fans rejoiced at the unconventional revelation, with one of her followers commenting “You are so gorgeous and I love that you shared this” and another one adding “Thank you! You make me feel better about myself”. Giorgetta has been inspired by these comments and has continued to post “untouched” photos for her followers, and those seeking motivation.

The social media influencer admitted to INSIDER, “When people tell me that it makes a difference to them, and how it makes them feel better about their bodies, that makes me want to keep posting”. It is the hope that other Instagram models will follow in her footsteps, providing the world with a more realistic and obtainable bodily goal.

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