This Artist Illustrated The Stark Differences Between Her Mom And Dad—Yet They’ve Been Married For 40 Years

Yasmine S. is a self-described cartoonist and illustrator who loves both cats and chocolate. The cartoonist has her own blog called ‘How We Came To Be’ which is a compilation of stories about how her life came to be. In the ‘About’ section of her blog on WordPress, she wrote: ‘I just draw and write stuff. And I’m not even great at it. But I’m sure there’s at least a handful of folks out there itching to read insightful comics.’ She recently created a cartoon depicting the drastic differences between her mom and her dad.

At the beginning of her short cartoon, she wrote: ‘my mom and dad are polar opposites. This comic illustrates those differences. But despite that, they’ve been married for 40 years.’ Through her cartoons, Yasmine tried to explain that her mom was always honest and to the point. She wrote: ‘she wasn’t the most affectionate, motherly type. But I could always rely on her to give me straightforward answers.’

Her father, on the other hand, is much more easygoing and less likely to cause ‘friction or worry.’ She described her father: ‘my father was, and still is, always very pleasant, and not wanting to cause friction or worry with seemingly controversial statements.’ So while she might ask her mom and dad the exact same question, their answers usually vary greatly.

In another drawing where baby Yasmine asked her mom what happens after death, her mother would reply with a straightforward answer. ‘We’re buried. Our bodies decompose, then eventually turn to dirt.’ Meanwhile, her father ‘just wanted [her] to be happy.’ He would give these long, thoughtful responses in an attempt to soothe his daughter’s worries and anxieties. In the cartoon, Yasmine’s father said: ‘well, after we die, we will see each other in a magical place. We will always be happy.’

But when it came to boys their parental roles all of the sudden took a switch. While her mother was much more lenient with her going out with boys and having a boyfriend, her father was more strict. Yasmine, through her cartoons, described how her mom would simply warn her about getting pregnant when she informed her of her new boyfriend while her father would all of a sudden take on the role of a strict dad.

But when it came down to parenting and love both her parents showered her with love and adoration. While her mother would be upfront with her in terms of the real world and tell her that there will always be someone smarter, prettier or more talented than her and that ‘working hard is no guarantee that you’ll be successful.’ Her father would then provide her with a positive and upbeat response. He would say: ‘nothing can stop you from achieving your goals, and if you wanted to be the president of the USA, then go for it!’

But she said: ‘both my parents are hard-working people who went through a lot. So I can understand this sentiment. Despite their difference[s], they were extremely supportive parents who were there for us all the way.’

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