Freelance Crocheter’s Convo With Cheap Client Will Make You Angry

With the convenience of accessible retail, we often forget about the value and hard work that goes into the items we see. When it comes to custom work, however, it should be understood that the extra labor and time involved will come with a price. A freelance crocheter known as Krafty Katt, whose work has been recognized on Instagram, was approached by a client who requested a custom blanket. Noticing her impressive posted creations, he decided to message her in hopes of getting something done for his girlfriend. When the response he was looking for wasn’t quick enough to his liking, an unforgiving approach ensued by the noticeably unreasonable client.

Having been out of town with her fiancee, she was quick to apologize for her absence and delayed response. Immediately, the client dismissed it, and said: “well that’s not a very good business practice.”

Politely, she asked him more questions, and apologized once more, before kindly still offering her services. The client then went straight into his detailed request, in a tone that questioned her knowledge of the practice.

The woman still remained calm and asked her client further details so she could gather the right materials and sizes. Upon receiving his meticulous request, she said she would get back to him with a price within a couple hours. Based on his request, she arrived at a number that would consider her time and effort, and the client was quick to dismiss it.  

The client began to curse, and question how she got to the given price. Still, the crocheter remained calm and reasonably explained to him that based on his specific requests and conditions, that this was the fitting price. He was quick to question her calculations and insisted that she could gather her resources for cheaper, not taking into account the amount of time needed for such a job. He insisted that other crocheters would be able to do it for cheaper, and called her “insane” for thinking that the listed price was fair. Hoping for some sympathy, he told her that his girlfriend is ill, and all he wants is for her to have something nice. Krafty Katt remained firm with her price, despite the circumstances, and understandably so.

Infuriated, the customer began to lay out his own conditions, and name his own price, which was far less than what was asked for. She remained reasonable with her responses, while he continued to be aggressive in his tone, and threatened to report her and “make sure everyone knows of your scam”. He then proceeded to curse more, and threaten to destroy her business, to which she informed him that this isn’t even a business, and she is, in fact, a flight instructor who simply crochets as a hobby, not for income. Upon finding that out, he claimed she should do it for free, and that she doesn’t need the money. In retaliation, she countered by doubling the price and standing her ground.

The unacceptable approach by this client is an example of how people can undermine and undervalue the hard work that goes behind the things we purchase. For such a reasonable freelancer, it was unfair to have received such a verbal attack, when she carefully handled his request and was willing to devote her time towards the job. Her wonderful work, along with much of what we are fortunate to purchase in stores, should never be overlooked and underappreciated, as the time and effort that goes behind it is more than what we can imagine.

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