25 Randomly Awesome Pics You Won’t Want To Miss

So you’re having one of those days. Nothing seems to go right, and you just feel like defeat is around every corner. It just seems like nothing will lift your spirits out of the doldrums. Then, like a shining beacon of hope, you see it: a collection of random pictures. What could be in there? Those random pictures could literally be anything!

You go to check it out, and before you know it you’re laughing, you’re astounded, you’re interested, and your day is already going better. That’s the magic that a bunch of random pictures can have. They can make your day seem just a little bit better. Not only that, but they can bring people together.

“Hey Randy,” you yell at your friend, Randy, “come look at these random pictures with me!” Then you and Randy are both laughing. You’ve shared the joy, and in doing so, you’ve made the world a slightly better place.

1. But if he wants a treat, he has to drop the ball: This dog looks pretty proud of his accomplishment: fitting an entire tennis ball in his mouth. You’d like to give him a treat, but then he has to give up everything he has worked for. Does he sacrifice the ball for a treat? Of course he does. He is a dog.

2. Everybody has an ugly side: Some people just have to work harder to show it off. Such as this girl, who in most other circumstances is an attractive person. However, no one can be attractive forever and in every situation. So rather than getting found out, this girl just put right out on front street.

3. Cleaning the viruses out of your computer: Clearly, the best way to scrub the malicious software from your PC is to use warm, not hot water, and a good antibacterial soap. You can use the soft sponge side or the scrubbing pad, whichever you prefer, although the scrubbing pad may also remove your important data, so be gentle.

4. The perfect lunch for the overeater on the go: Have you ever wanted a purse you could eat? No? Really? Why not? Doesn’t this look appealing to you? It doesn’t? Okay, so you might end up with some tzatziki on your credit cards, but is that really any reason to deny yourself a pita purse? Why are you shaking your head?

5. Multiple choice tests are harder than you think: For instance, ‘C’ might seem like the right answer, but teachers are usually a bit trickier than this. What if that one is spelled wrong, and it’s actually ‘A,’ ‘B,’ or ‘D,’ but they’re written in a different language. It probably isn’t ‘E,’ unless maybe. What do you mean pencils down?


6. Why are all cats the same?: Whether they’re tabbies, calicos, or concrete, all cats seem like they love to knock things over. Is it just something they have to do by nature? Or is it part of their multiphase plan to drive humanity to the brink of insanity in order to take over the world? Well, who will open the cat food cans when that happens, cats? Think about that.

7. Finally, a veggie burger that everyone can enjoy: So you want to have a barbecue where everyone can enjoy the food, not just your meat-eating friends? Well, you need veggie burgers like these ones. The secret is that instead of being made with conventional ingredients, like vegetables, these are made from a special ingredient that increases the delicious flavor.

8. Someone’s dad got a job at a news station: He’s already asked both anchors if they have boats and told the weatherman he’s so excited for spring that he wet his plants. They didn’t want him wandering around the studio anymore so they stuck him in editing. That was a mistake.


9. Now, this is a discussion we should all be having: Let’s look at the basics, shall we? Ravioli are little pasta pockets stuffed with meat or cheese-based filling. Pop-Tarts are medium sized pastry pockets stuffed with something resembling fruit. It might be a bit of a grey area, but we’re going to say yes on this one.

10. It finally happened: We have reached the point of cookie inception. Oreo flavors have been getting more and more inventive and crazy, and it was only a matter of time before the cookie singularity was reached. This is what we hath wrought. This is the best that we deserve for our Oreo hubris.

11. That moment when you realize you skipped a step: “Wait a minute. Something isn’t right here,” you ponder, as your spaghetti fire continues to burn, “Pot on heat, spaghetti in pot… It seems like I did this right. Why is it…” Then it hits you. “I forgot to add salt. Silly me!”

12. The meeting at NASA to discuss this disaster: “Gentlemen, it finally happened. We spent years training for this, even though you all thought I was insane for even suggesting that we be prepared for such an event. Now, the time has come that we must act. Clearly ,the best solution is to train firefighters to be astronauts.”


13. What if you brought this guy pork chops?: Could he chop chops? Or does even asking that question totally defeat the purpose? If he’s really that good at chopping, can he chop the already chopped? Does he have the chopping chops? Or will he have to retire from chopping altogether? These are important questions, people!

14. Do you love beer and also being obnoxious?: Do your “friends” dread your company at every party? Have you remained oblivious to their dislike of you? Then this product may be right for you! Enjoy a drink and annoy the people around you until they finally come around and realize how great you are.

15. The graphics intern enters the editor’s office: “Take a seat, Ronny.” “My name is Eric,” “It doesn’t matter. Now you have a simple job here. We asked you to put together a graphic for this story, and I can’t help but feel like you dropped the ball,” “Should I remake the picture?” “Oh, Ronny… We’re way past that point.”

16. You make think this is just a toy: But you would be wrong. This is actually a very necessary piece of equipment that will be used in the construction of the model that the real building is going to be based on. It requires transportation, which needs to be done correctly, so keep your cute remarks to yourself.


17. When you have to get that last little bit out of the tube: If only we could all learn to treat all of our food, water and other resources like a tube of toothpaste. Even once we are certain it’s empty, we’ll do literally anything to get those last little bits out. That’s why you never hear about a toothpaste shortage.

18. When you seriously just can’t: This shirt is the right garment for you. You don’t have to listen to a corporation telling you to ultimately perform something, no one has to anymore! Just buy this shirt and let those people know that you are your own person. It’s perfect for sitting on the couch and watching Netflix.


19. How to properly run a campaign on awareness: Make people aware of the issue. Is this dog a good boy? The answer is yes, yes he is. He is a very good boy. Does he want a treat? Yes, he does. Can he sit? Can he roll over? Once again, he is a good boy. He’s the best boy. Who is the best boy? This dog.

20. Two golfers discussing the situation: “You can have a drop, but you have to take a penalty stroke.” “What? No way. The ball is on an alligator! That’s definitely grounds for a free drop.” “I don’t think so pal.” “Fine, then I’ll play through. Hand me my gator wedge.”

21. It’s another election year: So you know what to do. Get out and vote for a person. A person will make things better, and will make that bad stuff go away. They are in favor of what you like and against what you don’t like. They will keep their promises and stand up for something. The other person is not as good as this person. So vote for a person!


22. Why use a tap when you can order water from Amazon?: With Amazon Prime, your box of water will be delivered in as little as two days. This water is not only hydrating, but can also be used for cleaning, gardening, and cooking. This product cannot be returned for refund as the company that makes it has been liquidated.

23. So that’s what happened to it: Indeed. The truth behind the sphinx and its missing nose is simple. Julius Caesar had found himself in the African country, and as a goof, he decided to “steal” the nose right off the sphinx. The Egyptians were amused and reassured that the nose would be put back. However, the nose was never returned.

24. Quantum giraffe has no time for foolishness: He’s trying to figure out the secrets of the universe He’s clearly already got portals under control. Now he’s working on folds in space time. He doesn’t want to be bothered unless you’re bring him some leaves. Are you bringing him leaves? Then let him work!


25. When someone doesn’t know how to use the dryer: They’ll do anything they can to avoid using it. This solution is at least somewhat ingenious. Normally, people would just hang them on a line or throw them over the back of a chair to air dry. The next step up from that would be violently drying them off with a towel.

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