How To Easily Remove Skin Tags, Moles, Blackheads, Spots And Warts By Using Natural Remedies


Whether you’re young or old, at some point you will experience skin issues that will drive you crazy. Maybe it is when your hormones are starting to develop and your face breaks out with acne. Or maybe as you’ve gotten older, skin tags have started to develop. In addition to all of that, you might have a mole or a wart that is embarrassing you and you just want it gone.

The bottom line is that everyday people experience at least one of those issues, and not everyone can afford the expensive cosmetic products that apparently work perfectly. Not to mention those same products contain harmful chemicals that could make your skin worse and even harm your body.

So what do you do? The answer to that question is you go natural. You expose skin to natural remedies that are not harmful to your skin or body. The following are the best ways to treat skin issues.

So You Have a Mole: In most cases, moles are caused by “too much fun in the sun”, or it can also be caused by genetics as well. The bottom line is that you don’t want the mole, so here is what you are going to do. You’re going to get a garlic clove and cut it in half. Then take a piece and tape it to the mole and leave it there for 4 hours, according to Healthline. The smell might be horrible but repeat it daily.


Not a fan of garlic? Then you can try apple cider vinegar. Healthine states that if you just take a cotton ball and soak it with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar, then place it on the mole and tape it there. Leave it for eight hours and let the apple cider vinegar soak into the mole. If you repeat daily, the mole will eventually blacken and potentially fall right off. Make sure to use a very good moisturizer after; ACV can be very acidic and irritating to the skin!


The Dreaded Skin Tag: Skin tags are usually found on the neck, eyelids, and upper chest. They are growths on the skin, don’t worry, they’re benign, and can be easily removed with the help of that apple cider vinegar mix we suggested earlier. All you have to do is soak a cotton ball in the water and ACV mix and apply it to the area of the skin tag and tape it there, according to Dr. Axe. Leave it overnight.

If you have a skin tag around the eyelid area, Dr. Axe recommends trying diluted Tea Tree Oil, because you don’t want to risk damaging your eyes with some of the other products mentioned. All you have to do is soak a cotton ball in water and add 2 drops of tea tree oil to it. (Please keep in mind that tea tree oil can be irritating if it makes contact with your eyes, so apply it very carefully!)


Warts: Warts can be very displeasing to look at and are usually caused by an HPV virus. They can grow anywhere on the body and are usually smaller in size and are skin colored. So let’s remove them, shall we? The first thing you will want to try is rubbing the inside of a banana for several weeks and the wart will slowly disappear, says Healthine. You can also try rubbing some honey on the wart and bandage it up and let it sit while you sleep.


Do You Have Dark Spots: As we get older, dark spots are inevitable, and the more sun we are exposed to at an older age, the worse they will get. So, there are a few remedies you can try. The first one is mixing a few onions and apple juice together. Let it sit for 15 minutes then rinse it off. Repeat this daily for full effect, says Healthine. They also recommend applying Aloe Vera to the dark spot areas and let it sit for a half an hour.

Unclog those Pores: If you are constantly on the go, have high stress, you’re a very active individual and love the outdoors, chances are you’re experiencing acne and other skin impurities.


So here is the best way to unclog those pores. Boil some hot water, says Dr. Axe. After it reaches a rolling boil, remove the pot from the flame, pour it into a bowl and lean over the steam (but don’t get too close or you can burn yourself!) and cover your head with a towel. Steam your face for about 20 minutes then go rinse it off with apple cider vinegar mixed with water.


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