25 People Who Need To Get Their Money Back, Stat

Have you ever bought something online and it turned out not to be what you wanted? It might have been a beautiful green lace dress, but when it got delivered it was ripped or a different shade of green. Let’s face it, this has happened to all of us at some point in our lives.

And it sucks when it happens to us. Yet, when it happens to other we tend to laugh.

If you are in need of a laugh check out the list below of 25 people who need to get their money back, stat.

1. It’s A Different Dress: When this woman bought a beautiful dress online it ended up being a different dress that got delivered. Not only was the color not the same but the lace design was different. If this ever happened to one of us we would want our money back, and we sure hope she got her money back.

2. Bratz Pants: When this girl’s mom bought a pair of cheap leggings online, she thought she was actually going to get leggings. But what got delivered instead was a pair of Bratz doll pants. We really hope that the mom kept the receipt and explained what happened. And if they aren’t able to get their money back, maybe one of them still has a Bratz doll laying around the house that could use a pair of pants.


3. Halloween Boots: This girl’s sister went online to buy a pair of shoes for her Halloween costume. What came in the mail was a pair of tiny doll shoes. We are guessing that this pair of boots is not what her sister wanted to be wearing on Halloween, considering there is no human on earth that could fit into them. Hopefully, they are their money back.

Twitter /u/ @Sallamandersal

4. Tiny Chairs: It seems like a lot of people are buying what they think are bargains online but then they out to be part of a doll set. This is bad for them but hilarious to us. This mom wanted to buy lawn chairs for her and her husband but ended up with tiny chairs that no human could ever fit on. We hope she got her money back.

5. Rug: When you order a rug you want it to cover a substantial part of your floor. Unfortunately for this guy that didn’t happen. When the rug he ordered came it turned out to be for a dollhouse and not for a human house. We really hope he was able to get his money back for this one.

6. Hippo Table: This may be a lesson to everyone out there to not trust anyone with buying a coffee table. This husband went out and bought this coffee table with a hippo in the center of it just because. For his wife’s sake, we really hope he kept the receipt and got his money back. On the other hand, his wife might really dig hippos.

Instagram /u/ @bill_wi_the_jokes_fi

7. Caesar Salad: When this woman ordered a Caesar salad at a restaurant she ended up with this on being delivered to her table. If this happened to us we would’ve laughed and then politely told the waiter that we are not sure what this is, but this is not a proper Caesar salad. We hope that she did the same and got her money back.

8. Slipper…Shoes?: These might be one of the most expensive things on this list at $750. This guy thought he was going to get his Yeezys in the mail but it turned out he got a pair of slipper shoes instead. We really hope that he got his money back because that is quite a lot of money to be spending on a pair of slippers.

9. Face Pillow: When this kid tried to do a nice thing for Mother’s Day he ended up creating someone scary. He wanted to put his face on pillows so that whoever laid on them, probably the mom, would always have him with her. But something must have happened during the printing and it ended up being something else.

10. Milkshake Delivery: When we order food online we are always in for a gamble. We don’t know if the food is going to be 100 percent the way we like it when we go to the actual restaurant. But we would hope that it’s at least a little similar. Unfortunately for this guy his milkshake came in a completely other form and does not look appetizing. Hopefully, he got his money back.

Twitter /u/ @Alic0ban

11. Now That Is A Bad Fit: When this woman bought a pair of Pretty Little Things pants, she was really excited to have them delivered. But what came in the mail was something that wasn’t a proper fit for her, or for the majority of the population. We really hope that the company has an exchange policy or at least gives refunds because this is one pair of pants that just don’t fit.

12. Pizza Delivery: This girl ordered pizza with pineapple on it but it turns out the pizza baker doesn’t like pineapple. We can’t even believe this happened. The pizza baker, out of protest, didn’t put pineapple on a pineapple pizza because they thought it was gross. At least this girl got some of her money back, but in the future, they should notify her of this happening before she actually gets the pizza delivered.

13. Skittles…That’s A Bad Day: When we open a pack of skittles we always search for the red, green or purples ones. But rarely anyone ever searches for yellow. So when this person opened their pack of skittles and only found there to be yellow ones inside, she declared herself having a bad day. We really feel for her, and though it would be hard to get your money back for this, we really hope she does.

14. Not During The Flight: This is one of the worst things to see on a flight. Someone with their feet exposed and putting them on the seat in front of them. We are thinking that there might have been someone sitting in the chair in front of this person, but either they were able to move or get their money back. Either way, this person should keep their feet off seats.


15. Shirt Dress: When this guy bought a tank top for himself online he didn’t think he bought a dress. But when it came in the mail and he tried that tank top on, it turned out to fit him as a dress. He should get his money back considering he didn’t buy a dress, but at the same time, he looks really good in this dress.


16: Deformed Cake: We all have to agree that we love the movie Frozen, and it turns out the person who bought this Elsa cake loves it too. This person wanted to get an Elsa cake and when she went to pick it up it didn’t look anything like Elsa. We really hope she was able to get her money back or that they made her a better-looking cake.

17. Animal Cookies: When we buy something at the supermarket and we can’t actually see what we are getting on the inside, we hope for the best. Sometimes all the hope goes nowhere, which is what happened to this person. When they opened their bag of animal cookies it turned out that these cookies looked nothing like animals. Hopefully, they were able to get their money back.

18. Pizza Disaster: Pizza is one of those foods that the entire world loves. And looking at this image breaks our hearts. This pizza got delivered and all of the cheese somehow fell off of it and it just looks like a disaster. Our hearts go to the person who ordered this pizza. We really hope you got your money back and so much more.

19. Long Pants…Short Legs?: When we order pants online we are always sure to double check the length of them. That is what this person did but they still managed to send a pair of pants that had an inseam too long for them. We really hope that they were able to get their money back. Or that they were able to get the proper pair of pants sent out to them.

20. Dollhouse Kitchen: This woman bought a saucepan and frying pan online and when they arrived it looked like they were made for a dollhouse and not a proper kitchen. There is no way she can make a human-sized meal with those pans. We hope that she got a receipt and got her money back

21. Prom Dress Problems: When we get ready for prom we want our dresses to be glamorous if we are wearing one. When this girl bought her prom dress online she was happy she found that dress she really wanted. But when it arrived there was something strange with the lining and fabric of it. We hope she got her money back so she can continue looking for the dress of her dreams.

22. Oh No!: When we get our hair done we put all of our trust and faith into the person doing it. This is because we think of our hair as an extension and expression of who we are. This poor girl got streaks and the ombre look in her hair that turned out not to be what she was hoping for. We really hope the salon gave her all her money back because this is definitely not what she wanted.

Instagram /u/ @dundunbleep

23. Bathing Suit: This mom has a complaint with the maker of this bathing suit top. When the daughter ordered it and she tried it on, it was way too small to fit a human. But it sure did fit her cat who looks cute rocking the bathing suit top. We really hope that this complaint was able to get the daughter’s money refunded.

24. Loose Dress: When this girl saw the perfect dress online she wanted to buy it. When it came in the mail it was a different material dress. It was one that was looser than the stick to the skin fabric that was shown in the online version. We really hope that this woman got her money back because that is definitely not the type of material dress she ordered.

25. Wrong Pad Size: When this girl opened up the box of pads and realized that they were a size way too big for her she only had her stepfather to blame. It is really hard for some guys to understand what the pad labels mean and what they are saying. They usually just want to get in and out. Unfortunately for this girl, she won’t see her money back because these items are nonrefundable.

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