Monk Smiles After Body Unearthed Two Months After Death

On November 16 of last year, a revered monk passed away in Bangkok, Thailand at the age of 92. Just two months after his death, his followers removed him from his coffin at the very temple in which he faithfully served in. To their surprise, the body was incredibly well preserved, but what was especially alluring was the expression on his face. Fascinatingly enough, the monk, Luang Phor Pian, was seen still smiling.

Upon this discovery, it is believed that this is evidence that the monk has reached true nirvana, which is a spiritual state where your sense of self and the cycle of death and rebirth, known as samsara, is gone.

This is the ultimate goal for Buddhists, who live their lives in hopes of achieving this in the afterlife. Perhaps, this is why he is still smiling.

Originally born in Cambodia, Luang Phor Pian had taken himself to Thailand to live the life of a dedicated Buddhist in order to attain Nirvana. He became a spiritual guru in the central Thai province of Lopburi, where his body was brought back and laid to rest upon his passing. Buddhist monks try to achieve spiritual enlightenment, which will essentially liberate them from the cycle of existence.

Monk Smiles After Body Unearthed Two Months After DeathItai Buenahora

Images were widespread on social media as followers and spectators looked on in awe as his body was paraded through the crowd, standing. With a grin on his face, and in unusually well-preserved form, witnesses simply could not believe what they had seen.  

The body had been removed from the coffin for retouching purposes, putting a fresh clean robe on for the highly respected monk. His body is said to be in a state that matches that of someone who has only been dead for 36 hours. He has yet to be laid to rest completely, and this discovery upon uncovering the body will likely initiate more prayers and attention his way until the final ceremony takes place.   

Dedicating his life to this, it’s certain that the monk himself would be happy to see that he is in this particular state, smiling and well preserved, seemingly reaching what he was destined to achieve. This could serve as an example to his followers, exemplifying the state that could be reached if you lead a life as such. After years of committing to this way of life, it is a remarkable result to have passed with a smile on his face, symbolizing the peace and happiness that he has ultimately achieved after all is said and done.

Monk Smiles After Body Unearthed Two Months After DeathThe Sun

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