Before ‘Wonder Woman’, Then 24-Year-Old Gal Gadot Posed For A Men’s Magazine

When DC’s cinematic universe released Wonder Woman which debuted in May 2017, Gal Gadot quickly became a household name.

The Wonder Woman star fired back at reporters, saying that this strong female lead would quickly become an icon for women everywhere and that ‘misogynist sexists’ better beware.

Before Gadot starred in her role as Wonder Woman, which she is reprising for the November 2017 release of Justice League, Gadot once modeled for a men’s magazine. This job would no doubt prove to everyone that her tenacity and fierce personality would take her far in life.

The 2017 release of Wonder Woman found that strong female leads could and should be seen more in Hollywood. The success of this film was proof enough that the world wanted strong females in action.

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Before her fame as Wonder Woman, Gadot had a few minor roles, including one on the Fast and the Furious franchise. Now she is a symbol for strong women everywhere, taking on the iconic role.

The magazine FHM featured Gadot as a future player in the world of acting.

Photographers in the photoshoots said she had a great deal of charisma, and even though she was not yet famous, they believed it was only a matter of time before she hit it big in the acting community.

In reference to the recent scandal of Hollywood power figures accused of rape and sexual misconduct, Israeli actress Gal Gadot refused to sign on for a Wonder Woman sequel if producer Brett Ratner was involved. Ratner has been accused of several accounts of harassment.

Gadot is adamant that her role as Wonder Woman will prove to be an inspiration for feminists everywhere.

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Gadot spoke about the watershed moment in Hollywood about sexual abuse and allegations against several prominent figures. She told reporters that bullying and sexual harassment will never be tolerated, and added, “Together we stand. We are all united at this time of change.”


Gadot is set to appear in three additional DC universe films, including Justice League 2, Wonder Woman 2, and Flashpoint.

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