‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kunal Nayyar and His Wife, Neha Kapur Nayyar, on Their Whirlwind Love Story

Debuting a decade ago, the CBS sitcom ‘Big Bang Theory’ became an instant hit, with the admirable physicists that have taught us a thing or two about science, and love. Among the quirky characters on the American sitcom, is Rajesh Koothrappali, commonly known as ‘Raj’. The astrophysicist from India is played by Kunal Nayyar, who recently shared his love story with his wife, in a personal interview with Glamour Magazine.

Neha Kapur, who met Kunal in 2009, said that surprisingly upon meeting him, she had never before seen the show. “The first time I saw Kunal, he was wearing a trucker hat, cutoff gloves, hipster glasses, and a scarf,” the fashion designer said, claiming to be unimpressed with her future husband’s look initially. When asked about his initial thought on Neha, Kunal laughed, saying “She’s tall.” If they were each to describe their relationship in two words, they both would agree on “Best friends” which would prove to be an effective starting point for the couple that would lock it in, in New Delhi, just two years later.

Looking into the best thing they have learned from each other thus far, they went on to say “Selflessness” and “Clarity”, two important aspects of a functioning and lasting relationship. The couple enjoys listening to a lot of hip-hop together, and jokingly said that the song that would best describe them would be “Baby Got Back”.

Exploring one thing that their significant other does not know about him or herself, Kunal stepped up first to the plate. “She giggles in her sleep”, he said with a laugh. Neha went on to say “I think when Kunal is singing on his own without anyone around him, I think it’s the most beautiful thing. He doesn’t realize how good he is.” The two lovebirds created a fun interview atmosphere, with answers that surely are telling of the connection they share.

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In an amusing question, they were asked ‘What is your significant other’s superpower?’ Kunal stated that Neha has an incredibly inviting ability, creating a beautiful, familiar, and inviting atmosphere everywhere she goes. Neha said that Kunal makes everyone feel safe and secure, can always be leaned on, and is the first to call when you need someone. These are certain qualities that are important, not just for the couple, but for all who have the pleasure to know them.

Kunal knew she was “the one” when she met his family for the first time, saying there was an unspoken language, and that she was about to interact, be with, give love to, and be very organic with his family. Neha echoed the feeling, that she always knew she was ready to marry him, even upon meeting him for the first time when she visited him in L.A.

If they could offer advice to those who are unsure if they’re in a long-term relationship, they say that it’s important to take time, and spend time, as well as doing it only for yourself, as opposed to for your family, or due to pressure. ‘What’s the secret to love that lasts?’ Glamour asked the couple. Kunal answered with “The ability to forgive” before Neha replied with “Space”, staying on the same page, with two distinct careers that surely allow them the space between them that they desire, in a love that has been maintained and truly strong to this day.

'Big Bang Theory' Star Kunal Nayyar and His WifeGlamour/Olivia Malone

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