24 People In Need Of Adult Supervision At All Times

 Adult Supervision

Everyone may get older, but not everyone grows up. Most of us mature with the various rites of passage that life throws at us. However, we all know a couple of people who have managed to slip through the cracks and cling tightly to their adolescent behaviour. This isn’t always a bad thing, but when it is, it’s not always easy to tell an adult that you think they need adult supervision

It’s these fine people who may provide a good time every now and then, but they aren’t the ones that anyone is asking to house sit or take care of an important task. While most of us know this going in, there are some unfortunate few who have had to learn from experience.

Here are 24 full-grown people who still shouldn’t go without adult supervision.

1. There are certain temptations in life that most of us have learned to resist, but some people out there still clearly can’t help themselves, despite being fully aware of the potential consequences. This curious man decided to test his luck by seeing if his finger could fit in one of the wall holes at Chipotle. It didn’t.

the wall holes at ChipotleReddit /u/ jesterp13

2. Most friend groups have the mom or dad of the group that keeps the other hooligans in line. Clearly, that friend was not present for this job. You get enough of the people who should be monitored together and adult supervision is no longer feasible, but an ambulance should probably be on speed dial as a precaution.

3. The child version of many of us would probably be wildly disappointed that we didn’t fulfill our juvenile dreams. This mechanic, however, can safely say that his version would be more than happy with what he accomplished. John Bitmead spent five months and nearly $50,000 to create an adult version of the classic children’s car, the Cozy Coupe.

4. Most adults head out to home improvement stores to grab whatever tools or construction products they need. For some people though, those warehouses chock-full of supplies are just one giant playground waiting to be toyed with. Sold tubing or flight-ready arm expansion packs? It really depends on who you are asking.

5. There are some days when we all wish we were the only one in the office, but sometimes when that happens, it can be a lot lonelier than one would expect. Most of us embrace solitude and actually get work done, but this employee found other ways to entertain himself.

7. Buying a label maker seems like a very adult investment to make, but apparently not every adult uses it for the same intended purpose. This woman’s boyfriend felt the need to start labelling things around the house that really do not need labels, but hey, at least he’s using it.

7. Buying a label maker seems like a very adult investment to make, but apparently not every adult uses it for the same intended purpose. This woman’s boyfriend felt the need to start labelling things around the house that really do not need labels, but hey, at least he’s using it.

to start labellingReddit /u/ tdgonex

8. For what reason would an adult man end up turning his railing into an unintentional guillotine you ask? “My dad got his head stuck in the porch yesterday whilst trying to feed a dead bee to a spider that lives in the bushes,” one Imgur user shared. At least his heart was in the right place (maybe?).

9. Sure, this missing “duck” poster definitely warrants a laugh or two for a passerby, but you have to wonder who has enough free time that they can print completely unnecessary posters and post them in public. It’s safe to assume that this person probably had more important things they could be doing.

10. “My husband is no longer allowed to go to the craft store alone,” shared one Reddit user. In all fairness, craft stores can easily bring out the kid in anyone and at least this man still knows how to embrace some impromptu creativity. If this were a grocery store, that would certainly be a bit more problematic.

11. At a certain point, we all realize that we can’t grow up to be the superheroes we admired throughout our youths, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still ride around like one. While this man may not be able to afford the elusive Batmobile, he knows how to still make an entrance wherever he goes.

12. Most people go from building forts to building IKEA furniture. Sure, there are a few steps in between, but it’s usually a natural progression as we grow up. These three roommates, however, are still building for fun. This trio went above and beyond to make their own makeshift ball pit and by the grins on their faces, it looks like it was worth it.

These three roommates

13. Tattoos are often how people choose to express themselves, and while we’re all aware that those under 18 need written consent from a parent, there are some people over 18 to who that rule should still probably apply. Hopefully, he’s happy because this ink job will be with him for infinity and beyond.

14. We all know a few coworkers that are the reason supervisors exist on the job. It’s safe to assume that these two employees are very much those coworkers. You can only imagine the expression on management’s face if they walked in on this, but you do have to admire the creativity on display.

two employeesImgur / SlimSt

15. Every couple has their own idea of what romance means to them, and apparently, for this couple, it involves some casual body painting. However, this girl should probably be a little more careful about who she gives a paintbrush. Let’s just hope that she has a good sense of humour.

16. “Saw this man sneakily blowing bubbles in the train station,” shared one Reddit user. “When I made eye contact with him and smiled, he came up to me and whispered, ‘No one suspects the adult.’” Some people are oblivious to their immaturity, but this man is fully aware and embracing it.

17. Remember how I mentioned earlier that there are certain types of people you don’t ask to house sit for you? Here’s why. “My friend and I were house-sitting and the owners asked us if we were doing anything fun,” one Reddit user shared with the community. “Queue the Man-Child photo shoot.”

18. Some people seem to think that having a baby forces the parents to grow up, but that is clearly not always the case. While this man’s child may not be old enough for playtime quite yet, that’s not going to stop this father from using his child to play.

 a baby forces the parents to grow upImgur / obieone

19. This was written on a kid’s cast in It. Casts come off eventually. Tattoos do not. Let’s just hope that this guy is a lifelong fan of the Stephen King book and didn’t just jump on the fan bandwagon for the movie because it’s an ink job that might not necessarily age well.

20. Despite the fact that clearly some people associate this intricate star hairdo with devil-worshiping, you have to admire the craftsmanship that went into this look. While the little girl may be naive to the symbol on display, there’s no denying that whoever was to blame for this hairstyle knew exactly what they were doing.

21. You would hope that the fact that this girl’s nail colour matches her macaroni and cheese is a coincidence, but judging by this proud hand display, it’s probably safe to assume that it was not at all. But hey, who’s to judge if people want to colour coordinate with their meals?

22. Just because you have an adult job like being a contractor doesn’t mean that you can’t still have some childish fun. People often forget about the contractors that come into their homes, but this man has made sure that he will always be remembered anytime someone takes down his previous work.

23. When you’re in a relationship with contrasting maturity levels, it can be hard to make decisions when it comes to decorating the house. This woman decided to let her boyfriend choose the shower curtain, a seemingly innocent task in the grand scheme of bathroom decor, but it’s safe to say she probably regrets it.

 the shower curtainReddit /u/ BoaGirl

24. “Sister texted me saying she lost her husband at Babies R Us,” shared one Reddit user. “20 minutes later, she found him.” Never go mattress shopping when you’re tired, even if the mattresses are for “little tikes.” This tiny plastic ship must be a lot more comfortable than it looks.

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