Have You Wondered If You Reincarnated From A Previous Life? Here Are 8 Clues

At some point in your life, you may see someone who you feel like you’ve definitely met before but can’t pinpoint exactly when. Or maybe have some fear or phobia that you can’t explain.

If you’ve ever experienced these strange and eerie feelings, you know that not finding the answer to why you are feeling that way can be a particularly frustrating experience.

Many religions believe in the idea of reincarnation, like Hinduism and Buddhism. If you give a take on that theory of “past lives”, then it may give you answers to what’s happening in your life and why you feel the way you do. Here are 8 signs that you’ve been reincarnated:

1. Experiencing Deja Vu: If you feel like you’ve met someone or been in a place before but don’t have any recollection of it, it might be a sign that you’ve been reincarnated and have visited this place or met that person in a past life.

2. Being carried away by intense dreams: If you have dreams that seem impossible or unlikely to ever occur, it may be an indication that your soul has been reincarnated. Dreams are not only fantasies, sometimes they give you a lens into the fragments of a past life.

3. Meeting your soulmate: Soulmates enter our lives so that they teach us lessons that we need to learn during our lifetime. If a soulmate enters your life, be thankful because it means you already have had a relationship with them in the past and are now on a quest for understanding together.

4. Having memories that never happened: Have you ever been convinced of a memory that you have of something happening or being somewhere? Have you asked to confirm and have been told that it never happened? That memory may have happened to you in a past life.

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5. Having sudden visions: Regression therapy is a process that helps someone uncover reincarnation. It involves being put in a meditative state and through the process discovering sudden visions that may be surprising to you.

6. Feeling other people’s emotions: If you are an empath, you soul is likely reincarnated. Reincarnated souls have extra sensitivity to feel and absorb the atmosphere and feelings of those around them.

7. You often have the feeling that you don’t belong where you are: A reincarnated soul feels out of place on earth and search desperately for a home they can belong to, but can’t find it. The feelings of alienation are ones that most reincarnated souls feel.

8. You have a strong desire to visit faraway places: You may have memories of living in a certain country or city in a past life, or maybe you don’t have any reasonable explanation for why the urge is so strong. It’s usually because you lived in that place in a past life and have positive associations with it.

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