12 Rules That Make A Princess’ Life A Little Difficult

On the outside, being a part of the royal family seems like an easy and glamorous life. To us commoners, Kate Middleton is living the fantasy. She went to sleep one night and woke up the next morning as the official Duchess of Cambridge, or unofficial Princess (given that she married a Prince.)

However, living the royal existence might not be as easy as it appears to be. The rules that the Royals have to abide are many and some can be somewhat arbitrary.

It’s definitely not a list that you can learn overnight, it takes some getting used to. Here is a list of the things that Kate used to be able to do but had to change when she took on her royal title:

1) Signing autographs: Here’s a peculiar but logically sound rule – the royals are not allowed to put their signatures on any documents that are not official. This is apparently due to the Queen’s fear that someone might forge their signatures.  

2) Office work: Before Kate Married Prince William, she worked at her family’s party business scheduling goods and organizing events. As such, her work was normally confined to a single location. Now, she works multiple locations during engagements like charity dinners, and school and hospital openings.

3) Feasting on mussels and/or oysters: The Royals are prohibited from eating mussels and oysters because they are connected to certain allergies and may become poisonous if stored incorrectly.

4) Wearing bright nail polish: Apparently, Kate is confined to nude nail polish color. No bright reds, and dark blues for her. Kate’s manicures comprise of two of the same colors she interchanges – a soft pink (#28 Rose Lounge by Bourjois) and a sophisticated nude (#423 Allure by Essie).

5) Social media: The Royals aren’t permitted to run personal social media accounts because they don’t want personal information to become public. This rule is predictable enough. While there are official social media pages attributed to the Royal Family, they are controlled by professionals who specifically curate the photos and text that they want the public to see.

6) Public Displays of Affection: The Royals are pretty strict on PDA and what they deem appropriate. The Queen believes there is a certain etiquette on how you should behave in public and so this rule is abided by.

7) Shopping trips: Kate is no longer able to go shopping alone – whether that is shopping for clothes or going grocery shopping. She must be accompanied by protection officers at all times.

8) Wearing fur: Before Kate became a Royal, she was able to wear fur. Now, the Duchess is able to wear fur occasionally, but only if the animal had died of natural causes. I think we can all agree that this is a good rule.

9) Voting: None of the members of the Royal family are allowed to vote or run for parliament. Monarchs are required to be neutral so as not to ruin their reputation through politics.

10) Wear ambiguous outfits: When she was once at liberty to dress the way she pleased, Kate now has her outfits chosen for her by the Royal stylists.

11) Travelling with the family: This rule was prominent in the last century, however, it is not adhered to as strictly anymore. The reason for the rule is to protect the royal lineage should any accidents occur.

12) Seating arrangement: All members of the royal family must sit in designated places and only occupy that space.

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