Woman Believes She Caught Her Husband Having An Affair In The Background Of The Apprentice

An author for the British publication The Telegraph, Rosa Silverman recently wrote an article about how she caught her husband on camera with another woman on the BBC version of The Apprentice. The program aired on BBC One and to Rosa Silverman’s surprise, there in the first episode of the new series, her husband is featured sitting with another woman in the background of particular screen capture.

Silverman remarked that “At the time of filming, we lived in the area, very close to where the scene was filmed. I wasn’t watching, but a particularly sharp-eyed friend quickly took a screen-grab and sent it round to a number of us, excitedly pointing out that my husband, myself and our baby were in the shot.”

Only, the woman in the photo was not Rosa Silverman. It turns out the photo was of another woman who looked very similar to her. Silverman didn’t believe it was a nefarious meeting though as she stated “Now, I have every confidence that if my husband were to have an affair, it’s unlikely he would pick a location so close to our house, take our baby along as a prop, and conduct the whole thing in broad daylight.”

But the problem was that neither Rosa nor her husband could figure out who the woman was. Other friends of Rosa’s remarked how awkward it was that the woman her husband was with was not her.

According to Rosa Silverman, after some time her husband seemed to remember who the woman in the capture was. It happened to be a mutual friend of theirs. Rosa told all her friends that the panic was over, and the woman was finally identified.

According to Rosa, one of her friends had this rather unhelpful advice: “Why is the panic over, just because it’s one of your friends? It’s still perfectly possible he’s cheating on you!”

Fortunately, Rosa took this advice with a grain of salt and made a joke about the start of her baby’s stardom on the screen thanks to the BBC.

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