Megyn Kelly Debates With Tom Brokaw On Live TV During Gun Discussion—And This Is How People Reacted

People are calling NBC host Megyn Kelly’s integrity into question after she seemingly cut her interview with NBC veteran Tom Brokaw.

Brokaw and Kelly spoke about gun control on her morning show in light of the Las Vegas attacks. 

A gentleman asked a question from the audience regarding when the constant coverage of tragedies becomes harmful. Kelly turned the question to Brokaw who said, “I would say to this audience, any audience before which I appear these days, we are where we because of people who wanted these kinds of guns and the NRA managed to get them and organize them as a political force in America.”

He continued, “So, the question is if you are not happy with what is happened, your individual obligation as a citizen is to organize on the other side and that’s possible as well. The NRA has a lot of money, obviously. If you’re running against the NRA and a lot of the Western congressional districts, for example, you’re portrayed as a traitor to America.”

“You know, you’re not in favour of having people who have weapons and that’s, after all, how the country started,” he added.

Towards the end of his statement, Kelly interrupted him, thanked the panel, and ended Brokaw’s answer.

“We’re a long way away from that second amendment,” he said before Kelly could be heard off-screen saying, “Yep. Got it,” and then thanking her panel.

Tweets quickly came flying in regarding Kelly’s “clown show,” telling her to let guests speak, and commenting on her views that died out on Fox. Others believed that her empathy was fake and made a call for her to go back to Fox.

Kelly has already upset people with the few weeks that she’s been a host on NBC. She questioned Jane Fonda about her cosmetic surgery while she was promoting a new movie, and asked an audience member if his sexuality was due to Will and Grace.

Since her debut, critics have called her “awkward” and ratings have since dropped by almost half of what they used to be.

Callum Borchers of The Washington Post emailed Brokaw about the incident, who wasn’t offended by Kelly’s actions. “The acoustics in the studio were terrible. I didn’t have an IFB [earpiece], and I am writing as I return from my hearing-aid mechanic. My hearing aid this morning went bad as the show started. Chick Hearn, the late, great L.A. Lakers play-by-play announcer had a phrase: no harm, no foul. Exactly the case this a.m. No harm, no foul. Not worth any fuss. I’m a Kelly fan.”

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