12 Pixar Animated Films That Have a Deep Psychological Meaning

Pixar films are incredibly popular. They have been critically praised and showered with industry awards. On top of being great movies with action, humour, and heart, Pixar films are known for their thematic relevance and lessons. Each film contains not only a lot of fun but also a good helping of wisdom.

Each of the Pixar films that have been produced so far teaches a valuable life lesson. Often it is a lesson that can be very meaningful to the children and adults in the audience. Despite the fact that the stars of these Pixar films are fish or rats, there is a real human side to every story.

There is good reason for Pixar films to be so highly praised. Within every one of the following Pixar films is a deep thematic meaning that resonates with the audience without being overbearing. From the idea of accepting others as they are to embrace your emotions, each of these story themes truly connects with people.

1. Ratatouille: While being outstanding just for making its audience hungry for fine French cuisine, Ratatouille also shows the importance of following a passion, no matter where you’re starting from.

2. Inside Out: This imaginative tale stars a young girl’s emotions, but its lesson is something we can all relate to we should embrace emotions, even the negative ones.

3. A Bug’s Life: Only the second of all the Pixar films, this story nonetheless reminds the audience that thinking differently can lead to great things.

4. Finding Nemo: This movie was the first of the Pixar films to win an Oscar. It also teaches the valuable lesson that we cannot live in fear.

5. Wall-E: Set seven centuries in the future, Wall-E carries not only a story theme of environmental conservation, but also a warning against complacency and laziness.

6. The Incredibles: Though the film’s thematic meaning skews closely to Randian philosophy, its lesson of using our talents to better the world is a valuable one.

7. Toy Story: The very first in the collection of Pixar films, this classic story of a cowboy doll’s fear of being replaced is a great analogy for accepting change.

8. Cars: As Pixar films go, Cars is not the most critically praised. However, its lesson that what your journey is more valuable than reaching the end is potent.

9. Monsters Inc.: In a city powered by children’s fear, it takes the scariest monster to realize that laughter and joy are the strongest forces of all.

10. Up This incredibly touching story of an old man’s journey to South America reminds us that the relationships we build in life are real adventures.

11. Toy Story 3: The third entry in the trilogy of Pixar films, Toy Story 3 tells the classic story of moving on and learning to share your happiness with others.

12. Brave: The first Disney princess to be introduced in the Pixar films, Merida learns that she does not have to live up to everyone else’s expectations, even her parents.

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