Man Shares Drive-Thru Fast Food Hack—And We’re Angry We Didn’t Figure It Out First

Here’s a modern tragedy: passing through the drive-thru to binge eat some terrible fast food and getting home to discover that your gross food is now gross and cold.

Since The Internet is the home of innovation, one Twitter user shared his drive-thru fast food hack on how to keep your food from turning into a soggy disgusting mess.

Eric, who goes by the Twitter handle @canceric invented this ingenious drive-thru fast food hack when he went on a trip to McDonald’s. Not wanting his food to get cold, he enabled the seat warmer function in his car and placed his fast food on the passenger’s seat.

He graciously shared a picture of his invention with the rest of the Twitterverse with this caption: “I hope every person who ever thought I would fail sees this.” Where there is fast food, there is a way.

Well, as you can imagine, the internet’s collective mind exploded at Eric’s sheer genius. Twitter user Micah Randall wrote, “It’s mind-blowing how random people on Twitter can change my life this much.”

One Twitter user, Lu (@forest_petal) posed a concern: what happens if your car doesn’t have heated seats. Can you still participate in this drive-thru fast food hack uprising? But, of course, the internet leaves no man behind and she was promptly given a solution.

Eric inspired some to come up with other car functions that can ensure that your food arrives home in the perfect condition. For instance, Twitter user Reice (@ODS_Twatter) discovered that you can use your car’s cooling system to keep your ice cream chilled.

Eric’s discovery of the many delights of the seat warmer function was revolutionary for people on a more fundamental level. It turns out that a lot of people didn’t know what the button was for.

This became a thread in itself, with people chiming in on what they thought the seat warmer icon was. Twitter user Scarce (@SkyDoesTweetinj) thought the graphic was a skeleton hand.

Of course, since this is Twitter, someone had to poke holes in this wonderful idea. Apparently, the drawback is that your fast food will be positioned where there is usually a butt.

But someone came to the rescue and told the world that, in fact, the opposite will happen. Your butt will smell like fast food. Which is strange, but not completely horrible. Seat warmers FTW!

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