Watch What Happens When An Uninvited Crocodile Wanders Into A Herd Of Hippos

When an unwanted visitor plants themselves on your territory, typically, and naturally, it would warrant a reaction. Though we as humans have the luxury of the means of conversation, the approach is much different when it comes to the animal kingdom.

In the northwest region of the Serengeti in Africa, we find the home of the silly animals we know as hippos. Known widely as the Hippo Pool, this body of water serves as a play park for hundreds of hippos year-round, offering a constant water supply to the thirsty omnivores. This helps keep them cool in the hot climate and is a leisurely setting for them. Though they’ve never been regarded as a violent species, they are very territorial if tested.

A crocodile had mistakenly taken a little dip into the wrong pool, bumping heads with a pod of hippos who were minding their own business. Wandering into the wrong crowd, the crocodile was instantly and forcefully driven out, with onlookers witnessing this natural entertainment.

“They are going for him, get out of our space!” a witness shouted, as they watched the commotion erupt. Grunting and gnawing, the herd of hippos acted in unison, gracious in their attempt to shoo away the uninvited visitor.

Although the crocodile courageously fought back, he was no match for the group of hippos who controlled the scene. Not characterized as a malicious kind, hippos still establish their dominance physically when tested, naturally.

It comes as no surprise that an unexpected inhabitant would be driven away upon entering the wrong territory. We’re treated to many unusual and natural animalistic situations that arise, and it’s always a thrill to witness how it all plays out. Though it can sometimes be difficult to watch, it’s intriguing to see these interactions, and what can transpire.

They say there’s “no church in the wild”, and it’s evident on a daily basis out there in the extravagant animal kingdom.

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