Dad Leaves 3-Year-Old Daughter Outside In The Dark For Not Drinking Her Milk, Now She’s Missing

A Texas father has been arrested when his daughter disappeared after he allegedly left her outside at night when she wouldn’t drink her milk.

Dad Leaves 3-Year-Old Daughter Outside In The DarkEmily Pollock

Wesley Mathews told his 3-year-old daughter Shirin to go stand outside of their Dallas home for not drinking her milk. When he went outside fifteen minutes later, at around 3:00 AM, the girl had disappeared. But it took him five hours to report her disappearance to the police.

Sgt. Kevin Perlich told ABC that the delay in reporting “does not seem like a normal response that one would do if you have a missing child” and that it “is certainly concerning to us.” On Saturday, Wesley was arrested on charges of abandoning and/or endangering a child. He posted his $250,000 bond on Sunday and was released with an ankle monitor to await trial. His wife, who was allegedly sleeping at the time of the disappearance, has not been charged with anything.

When the police came to the Matthews household, they were told that coyotes had been seen in the neighbourhood and that there were train tracks out behind the house. They initially set up an Amber Alert for Sherin, before calling it off due to a lack of evidence that she had been kidnapped.

The Mathews’s house was searched under a warrant on Wednesday night, and police confiscated cell phones, laptops, and three vehicles from the family to aid in their investigation. According to police reports, the family is no longer cooperating with the investigation.

Sherin Mathews, who was adopted from India two years ago, has developmental delays and limited verbal skills. She was malnourished when the couple adopted her. According to Perlich, the couple was feeding her on a regular schedule in an attempt to “put some weight on her.” At the time of her disappearance, Sherin weighed 22 pounds.

CPS confirms that the family has been in contact with them before and that Sherin’s 4-year-old sister has been placed in protective custody during the investigation. Sherin was last seen in a pink shirt, black leggings, and pink flip-flops. The search for her is still ongoing.

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