Policeman Watches Dancer From Afar—When The Performance Ends She Runs To Him

Competitive dancing can be very stressful, especially for young performers. But one teen knew that when picking the right theme, it had to be personal. Tyler Olsen is 14 years old and was about to participate in a competitive performance. She was taking suggestions from her mom Andrea on what exactly should be the theme of her dance. Her mom told her that perhaps it should be a moving tribute to the men and women in blue.

The Performance Ends She Runs To HimYouTube

But why would Tylar perform a dance about the police? What connection did she have with that? Well, it turns out that Tylar’s uncle is actually a policeman. His name is Sergeant Kevin Norris and if his eyes didn’t tear up while watching his niece dance her heart out, then I don’t know what would! What this young girl was able to do while on stage is truly incredible. In fact, it’s shocking. In the best possible way.

Dance can express a variety of emotions. Very deep emotions. For her dance, Tylar danced the poignant spoken word poem “Policeman”. The young teen is dancing to the words of famous radio broadcaster Paul Harvey, who is narrating the poem. When you watch the dance, chances are that goosebumps will appear on your arms. But the creativity doesn’t end there.

Tyler also decided to add an officer to her performance, who is standing from afar at the very end of the stage. Seeing that just adds to the emotions of the performance. That’s creativity at its complete finest. The fact that this girl chose to dance to words that are spoken instead of simply just playing music was genius.

It allows the audience to connect more to what Tylar is dancing to, and connect more to the message she is trying to convey. Tyler is clearly trying to portray some kind of message and mood to the audience and simply playing music wouldn’t exactly cut it. So that was the smartest move she could have done. This girl definitely thought everything through. Every. Single. Detail.

The Performance Ends She Runs To HimYouTube

As you watch the video, you can’t help but feel the mood and passion that Tylar is portraying. The end is the most dramatic, heartfelt conclusion in maybe dance history. Tyler surprisingly incorporates the policeman who is standing on stage from afar. And I challenge you to not get emotional about it.

I won’t ruin it for you, but let’s just say the entire audience was completely moved by it. It is so incredible and deep. Tyler’s mother, Andrea, decided to upload the entire performance onto Youtube and since then the video has received more than 1.5 million views. This video deserves all the views it can get and I’m pretty sure Tyler won the contest. No questions asked. Amazing!

The Performance Ends She Runs To HimYouTube

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